5 Qualities of a Good Trail Running Shoes for Beginners

Running Shoes

Running is one of the simplest ways to maintain body fitness. Today many people are embracing athletics; it is becoming a popular sport and mode of exercise. Having the proper equipment or the right shoes is essential for trail running. A shoe used for running cannot be used on the trails. In the same way, you cannot use basketball shoes in a football game; the same rules apply when it comes to trails. 

Shoes used in the trial should be in a position to offer you the grip and safety on slippery, uneven grounds and also provide the required level of comfort away from the paved paths. Like any other sport, the shoes used on the trails should make you feel pleasure and relaxation while using them. 

The wrong shoes on the trails may give the worst experience and even injure your feet. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, safety should always be prioritized. To avoid unnecessary accidents and injuries, you need to opt-in with the right shoes as a beginner. As well as the right running insoles for a better fit.

If you are getting started for the first time with trail running, here is a guide on what to look for in your first trail shoes. Read on to find out the qualities that trail shoes need to have. 

Tough Sole

Remember, you are not going to run on a smooth path; you will be on rough trails. You will encounter stones, twigs and rocks, enemies to your feet. The right pair on the trails should be stiff enough to offer the required protection to the feet. 

Additionally, a stiff sole will show how much spring sole is packed. A shoe with springy elements will make you run faster and more comfortably. 


A good shoe to be used in the trails should be in a position to offer the required stability. The shoe should be able to offer maximum support to the foot and the ankles. Stability is an important aspect of trail running, as it will prevent you from rolling your ankles. The shoe should allow you to have freeness and give you room for your footfall to adapt to the rough terrain below. 


Tread is a must for any shoe used on the trails, and they should be more aggressive than the ones on traditional running shoes. Tread gives the runner better traction, especially when running on muddy, rocky, or more challenging paths. 

You can choose shoes with certain lug length depending on where you will be running. If you intend to run on hard-packed trails, you will have to go for shoes with shorter lugs. Get the shoes with roughly 2-4mm lugs, and also, don’t forget to ensure they are closely spaced. 

If you are after running on a rocky path or pebble, you will have to get a pair that contain phrases (sticky rubber) in its description. The shoes can provide maximum grip on the rock surface with such a property. 


Cushioning applies to any running shoes; trail ones are not exceptional. Their main role is to enhance comfortability. Off late, there have been some changes to the cushion in the runner shoes, meaning there are plenty of options available. The ones used in the trails tend to have a variety of cushioning, which highly depends on the type of the trail surfaces. You can go for the shoe with more cushioning if you intend to use the same pair for roads and trails.

If you are an individual who struggles with knee or joint pain, then you should consider using a pair that has more cushioning, as they will reduce the impact. 

Weather Protection

Road running shoes need to be in a position to protect you from the all-weather condition. No matter the weather condition, fitness training on the trails is all about embracing the elements and putting yourself in several tests in every possible way.

You will get some shoes that are suitable for the dry weather, while others are capable of giving you stability and protection from wet, slippery paths. Depending on your budget plan, you can buy a shoe that can handle all weather or buy two pairs that handle different weather conditions each.

Always opt for what will be best for you, considering the weather. For example, go for pairs that have a waterproof layer during the wet and cold seasons.

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The above-explained attributes will enable you as a beginner to choose the right shoes for road running. Additionally, you can get some advice from your nearest local running store or even consult some of the veterans in the industry. Always try to fit in the shoes and be certain that they are comfortable. 

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Kamal Pandey