You Can Easily Soothe Acute Back Pain With These Simple Home Remedies

Acute Back Pain

‍Do you experience acute back pain every once in a while? If yes, then read this article to find out some good home remedies to soothe your ache. Acute back pain is usually triggered by lifting heavy objects, twisting your body in an awkward position, prolonged sitting or standing, and other sudden movements that put stress on your spine. Acute back pain can last from a few hours to a few days and usually resolves on its own with rest and anti-inflammatory medication. The following home remedies will help you get through this phase quickly and efficiently.

Stay hydrated

It’s important to stay hydrated, especially when you’re dehydrated. Dehydration can cause pain in the lower back area, as well as other areas of the body. It’s also responsible for most headaches and body aches. Drinking water before and after a strenuous workout or day can help ease muscle pain caused by dehydration. Drinking enough water throughout the day regulates your metabolism and prevents cellular damage. If you have an issue with staying hydrated, try adding more water to your diet constantly. You could also add lemon juice or cucumbers to your water for an extra kick!

Take a hot shower

This is a good way to relieve back pain. A hot shower will help relax your muscles and reduce any inflammation that’s causing the ache. Step in the shower, turn on the water, and wait until it’s warm. Then let the hot water fall on your back while you relax. You can also add some essential oils like lavender extract or peppermint oil to improve the experience even further.

Try dry brushing

Dry brushing is a technique that involves using a brush, typically made of natural bristles, to remove the dead cells from the surface of the skin. It’s believed that dry brushing can help stimulate your body’s lymphatic system and thus reduce inflammation and pain in any area of the body. Wet your skin with warm water before starting. Dry brush your skin in circular motions for about two minutes or until your skin turns pink. You then want to switch direction and brush back in the direction of hair growth for another two minutes. You should do this first thing in the morning or before bed at night.

Use a heating pad

or hot compress A heating pad or hot compress can help you with the pain. To use a heating pad, place it on your lower back and cover with a towel. If you use a hot compress, make sure it is not too hot and that it is not the cause of your pain in the first place. You can also try taking an ice pack and placing it on your lower back for about 20 minutes to relieve your pain if you are unable to sleep at night due to acute back pain.

Get an acupressure massage

One of the best ways to ease the pain is an acupressure massage. Acupressure is an ancient Chinese medicine that can be used to treat many health conditions, including back pain. This technique involves applying pressure on different points of your body using your hand or fingers. The pressure stimulates the nerves and helps release natural pain relievers, such as endorphins and serotonin. The best part is that you don’t need any equipment for this treatment, so you could do it at home. You can also take a hot bath in some epsom salt or warm water with lavender oil for added benefits. Some conditions, particularly in people with disabilities, accupressure may need the accompaniment of other medical therapies and massages. These can be accessed through support coordination with people who specialize in providing this kind of assistance.

Go for a walk or jog

Go for a walk or jog if you want to ease your ache. Taking a brisk walk is a good way to burn off the stress, tighten your muscles and get rid of the pain. The endorphins released by your body will also help you feel better and soothe your back pain. Walking in place alone can be as rewarding as taking a walk outdoors.

Use essential oils

Essential oils are a great way to relieve your back pain. Essential oils like peppermint, lavender, and ginger can help relax your muscles and alleviate the pain. You can also use a home remedy that is made with hot water, witch hazel, and a few drops of essential oil.


Your back is the foundation of your body and if you are experiencing acute back pain, you need to take care of it quickly. These home remedies can help you find relief and get your back feeling better in a jiffy.

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