7 Reasons to Buy a Wetsuit this Summer

Buy a Wetsuit this Summer

Summer is here and it’s time for fun in the water while the weather permits. Any water activity is a joyous adventurous activity meant to reconnect even the dullest soul with their inner child. 

Swimming, surfing, diving, kayaking, white water rafting and so many more are options open to you but only for a short time so why not make the most of this summer season? Take a vacation or run down to the beach and take full advantage of the friendly waters.

Preparing yourself and your family for maximum fun means you ought to get yourselves some watersport apparel such as wet suits. You may think that they are an unnecessary extravagance, but you will benefit from having one.

There are good reasons to own a wetsuit and even better reason to always wear one in the water compared to the beloved bikini.

7 Reasons to Buy a Wetsuit this Summer

1. Temperature

Wetsuits are designed to near perfection for thermal utility and protection. While there are different grades depending on the particular watersport in question all wetsuits are intended to protect wearers from losing body heat and succumbing to hypothermia.

Even when hypothermia is not an immediate danger, cold water temperatures do not allow you to enjoy a dive or a swim. This would make for a pretty dull summer. Shop online for a wetsuit best suited for your watersport.

2. Stings 

The ocean has other inhabitants. It could be argued they belong there, and you do not so don’t be surprised when they attack to defend their homes and families. While it is certain you have no intention to interfere with these other inhabitants, that will not stop them from stinging and clawing at you.

Vacationing in certain destinations such as the Caribbean islands and parts of Thailand means you will come into contact with a brimming marine life. Some docile, many aggressive and poisonous. 

Appropriate water sport apparel will protect you from getting stung and possibly maimed badly enough that you end up sitting out the entire summer in a hospital bed.

3. Protection from injury

Beach sport and water activities are best undertaken with the best gear money can buy. Deep sea diving, kayaking and white water rafting are some of the most fun activities. They are also quite dangerous, and the body may come under physical impact that causes injury. 

On the ocean bed, sharp protruding corals and rocks as well as debris that has found its way there as a result of human activity can cause horrible injuries and to protect your feet it would be wise to wear a wetsuit.

Team sports can also create an environment rife with danger. Surfboards and paddles are items that could cause injury, but the appropriate wetsuits will absorb a sizeable portion of the impact protecting you from serious injuries.

4. Protection from the sun’s UV rays

The sun has both positive and negative effects on humans. It is the negative exposure that is of most concern. Beach wear is often designed for maximum exposure to the sun’s rays, but water based activities soften the skin and clear all protective oils from the surface leaving the skin vulnerable.

To protect yourself and your family from UV ray exposure, wear a wetsuit. It would be better to err on the side of caution, and you will have peace of mind knowing that you can safely spend the entire summer enjoying the adventures the beach affords you.

5. Buoyancy

Neoprene is a dense substance, and a great wetsuit provides you added buoyancy in the water. Diving is particularly exhausting, and the human body can only endure so much resistance moving about in the water. 

A boost would allow you to enjoy a longer dive exploring the marvels of marine life without depleting your energy too fast. Added buoyancy is also an asset if you are learning how to dive and maneuver in the depths of the ocean.

6. More time in the water

A wetsuit will allow you more time in the water. Your bare skin cannot sustain the drying effects of consistent swimming and water activity without enduring some damage. If you intend to enjoy the summer swimming every day for hours at a time, a wetsuit is the way to dress and not a bikini.

Combined with all the factors above, a wetsuit protects your skin from losing oils and epidermal integrity which is essential to having maximum fun this summer.

7. Aesthetics

Wetsuits just look good, and everyone is just vain enough to care. The tight sleek lines of the physical form are enhanced making you look like a professional swimmer. Given the public nature of water activity, a wetsuit is the best choice of beach wear.

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If you have never enjoyed the summer in a wetsuit, try one this summer and enjoy a fun-filled experience you and your family will want to repeat every year.

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Kamal Pandey