The casino as an addiction: how to prevent addiction?

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Like most people, you spend most of your time in front of a computer, laptop or smartphone screen. Gadgets have become our only portal to the outside world these days, much like stake casino games. But have you ever thought about the time you waste playing games in front of the screen?

Of course, each player is motivated by different thoughts. Some gamble for fun, others are looking for ways to learn more about Emojino in order to acquire new skills so they can earn a regular income. But gambling has always been addictive. And if you think there’s nothing wrong with spending a few hours a day in a casino app, you’re wrong.

So, to avoid addiction problems, we recommend that you take the approaches that are the same for people who are addicted to social networks. Also, by following the steps below, you will understand if you are having problems with gambling addiction. 

Tip No. 1: Determines the amount of time to use the smartphone

Yes, if you are studying remotely or if your work is directly related to the use of a computer, interaction is obviously inevitable. But when you’re working on your computer at home, it’s easy not to sit in front of the monitor all day.

How many of these hours do you actually spend on workflow and how much on gaming? Being busy doesn’t mean being productive. Do the work you intended to do and then do other things.

 Tip # 2 – Divide your time into 3 categories: consumption, creation and communication

Once you’ve set aside some free time to work in front of the screen, it’s time to think about your free time. Consume, create and connect – decide which one you like best.

The important thing is to maintain a balance between the time spent with a smartphone and the time without gadgets. Brainstorm and ask yourself what and how you prefer to do. For example, someone likes to replace chat with talking on the phone. 

Tip #3 – Pay attention to your mood when gaming

The more you become aware of the effects gadgets have on your mental state, the better you will be able to control the addiction. If the time you spend on casino sites makes you even more productive and happier, then that’s good.

If it’s worsening your mood, especially if you’re losing, it’s important to take action. The question is not how much time you spend in casinos, but how it affects you psychologically.

Tip #4 – Learn to recognize the first signs of stress

When we are stressed, the rational decision-making part of our brain shuts down and it becomes much more difficult to resist our impulses. For example, we objectively understand that if we eat a whole packet of chips or spend a few hours on a casino site, we become disgusted with ourselves. It’s okay if you understand what makes you dissatisfied with yourself and have it under control. It is therefore essential to learn to recognize this and always have a list of alternative actions with which you can easily get distracted.

Tip No. #5: make a to-do list that will make you feel better

The problem is that the phone is always at hand and we reach for it by default in every spare time. To break this habit, you need to have a list of things to do or hobbies (not just casino games) to devote time to. Plus, if you have free time, there are more ideas on where to spend it. You can walk, meditate, pray, play an instrument, listen to a podcast, cook, or read a book.

Tip #6 – Avoid starting and ending your day with a smartphone in hand

Using your phone in the morning will most likely distract you from your main goals for the day and lead to a stressful start to the day. It is not recommended to fall asleep with a smartphone in front of your eyes, as the screen glare will distract you from sleep. The emotions you feel while playing won’t make you fall asleep easily. Tip No. 7 – Set clear boundaries

It is important to create physical boundaries between you and your smartphone so that you know when you interact with it that it is the result of a conscious choice. Charge your phone in another room, at least out of range. Take advantage of the focus features that allow you to set limits on the use of certain apps.

Tip No. #8 – Take regular breaks

Yes, there are many reasons to be thankful for the new technologies in our lives right now. But remember that using a computer or smartphone for too long leads to exhaustion. You can take the time to walk around without a smartphone every day or consciously avoid using gadgets for an evening. Don’t be afraid of this idea.

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