Men’s Style Tips for Wearing a Watch: A Beginner’s Guide

Tips for Wearing a Watch

Fashion can show your current statement. For men, they want to look confident in any angle possible. And who says fashion can exclude a watch? Without this timepiece, it would not strike the right balance for your overall look. Even on the most formal occasions, the watch can stand out compared to a simple suit.

There is a wide collection of watches available. Some are for casual wear, and some are meant for rigorous activities. And of course, there are the styles for business meetings. Getting that perfect look will take many combinations of dressing up. From the many options available, there will be a style that brings out your true self. Here are fashion tips to get you going if you are a beginner.  

Get the Right Watch Size

Every watch comes in various face sizes. A common practice is that the face should be at least two-thirds the size of your wrist. Here is a way that you can do it. First, try to lay down your arm in a straight line. Then, get a rough measurement and multiply it by two-thirds to see which size works best. While it may not give the exact numbers, it should visually make your wrist proportional. Timepieces like the Seiko Yachtmaster can give you the best size for your wrist.

Match Your Leathers in Your Outfit

Leathers are a staple in every formal wear. If you have a dress watch, it can be paired with any existing leather on your outfit. Think of your shoes, belt, or even your bag. 

The color of your leather should also be the same, so it has a unified look. For example, if you have a brown watch strap, any of your other leathers must be in the same color. There is also leather with varying finishes, but it is enough as long as the color matches. Going overboard with what you have in your outfit is not necessary. 

Pair Your Watch With Your Shoes

When in doubt, pair your watch with your shoes. You can pair it based on the color of your watch or the accents available. Your outfit does not have to complement your watch. 

By default, most shoes are in black. So your watch can be paired with the color of your shoes. It does not require you to change all colors of your watch. A simple change in one part can go a long way. Here is another example: Silver works best with black, gray, blue, or silver hues. Ensure that the color you have currently should complement each other to achieve color harmony.  

Wear Metal Straps to Complement Your Accessories

If you want bracelets or jewelry for your outfit, it is best to have a metal strap on your watch. Every watch’s case is metal and can be paired with your accessories. Its finish will depend on your watch, whether matte, shiny, or patterned.

Pay close attention to the accessories you have. Getting the wrong combination can make or break your look. Coordinate with the colors of your accessories so you can be versatile in terms of style.    

Wrap up

Everything must be presentable, whether it is a watch or your outfit. It can be daunting at first with the number of styles available. But once you find the flawless look, your watch will shine and show your best personality.

Author’s Bio:

William Ross is often described as a jack of all trades. He loves to explore new things and cultivate his knowledge everywhere he goes. These days, he spends most of his free time writing about watches and watch accessories, as he is a collector himself.

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