Top Three Overwatch  2 Tanks

Overwatch  2 Tanks

Overwatch 2 throws down a gauntlet for tank players, demanding a balance between frontline presence and strategic aggression. While the meta fluctuates with each update, some Overwatch 2 heroes stay on the top. These are perfect for those who like to stay in the front and protect their teammates from incoming damage. 

If you are interested in playing such a OW2 role during a match, then you should know about some of the best Overwatch 2 Tanks. In this guide, we’ll delve deeper into 3 of the best OW2 tanks in : Orisa, Zarya, and D.Va.

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Overwatch  2 Tanks

Orisa’s transformation in Overwatch 2 is nothing short of breathtaking. She’s shed the bulky, stationary shield for a more dynamic play style. When it comes to abilities, her Fusion Driver fires mid-range energy bolts with satisfying precision, ensuring each bolt hits the enemy and depletes its health. 

To stay alive longer in combat, she has the Fortify ability, which provides her a temporary health boost and a defensive edge.  But the real showstopper is Terra Surge, Orisa’s ultimate. Imagine a charging bull – Orisa rockets forward, slamming into enemies and disrupting their formations, creating crucial space for teammates to advance. This aggressive approach makes Overwatch 2 Orisa a terror on the battlefield, excelling at both brawling and manipulating enemy positioning.


A veteran tank from the original Overwatch, Zarya continues to dominate in the sequel. Her Particle Cannon is a masterclass in risk-reward. The more damage she absorbs with her Barriers, the more potent her Overwatch 2 weapon’s blasts become. Her capabilities make her an exceptional teammate on both offensive and defensive fronts.

The pivotal Graviton Surge of Zarya’s toolkit can shift the tide of battle. This formidable skill produces a powerful gravitational vortex that traps the enemies, leaving them defenseless and in a position where they can be eliminated easily. When used strategically, OW2 Zarya’s protective barriers and gravitational traps can help you gain the upper hand in combat. At first, you may find it difficult to use them. But after a few weeks, you’ll get the hang of them. 


The OW2 character of D.Va continues to charm enthusiasts, flawlessly making the transition to Overwatch 2. With the capacity to navigate the heavens, she lays waste to foes with her dual Fusion Cannons. Her trusty Defense Matrix remains integral, a vortex designed to deflect incoming attacks by absorbing projectiles. 

When D.Va’s Self-Destruct is deployed, it serves as a strategic explosive, obliterating her mech and inflicting significant radial damage to the surrounding area. This aggressive playstyle makes D.Va Overwatch 2 a nightmare for the enemy backline, forcing them to scramble for cover while keeping your team safe. However, she is not someone you can master easily, so make sure you’re prepared to spend months with her if you truly want to master her play style. 

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