Industry News | Nuverse’s Ragnarok X Next Generation in South Korea 2023

Ragnarok X Next Generation

On January 5th, 2023, Ragnarok X Next Generation (라그나로크X : Next Generation) launched in South Korea and quickly made it into the top 10 best-sellers in the Korean Apple Store and top 20 best-sellers in the Google Store. It is easy to make the connection between this game and Ragnarok M Eternal Love, which was released in South Korea in March of 2018, as both are RPG’s and part of the Ragnarok IP.  

Ragnarok IP Games Status quo in South Korea

Ragnarok M Eternal Love quickly rose to the top of the Korean Apple Store’s gaming sector best-seller list within the first week of its debut, whereas Ragnarok X Next Generation took the number one spot on its launch day and has been located in the top ten of the Apple Store’s list and the top twenty of the Google Play Store’s. The former had a more dramatic surge to the best-seller list, whereas the latter had a steadier growth.

During the first week the Apple Store saw a tenfold higher number of downloads for Ragnarok X Next Generation compared to Ragnarok M Eternal Love. Though, Ragnarok M Eternal Love was five times more lucrative, with a much higher RPD (revenue per download) than its counterpart.

Ragnarok M Eternal Love performed well in the market in the first week, which may be due to the low market price of the game when it is not common in the industry. Therefore, it has favorable opportunities in the Korean market. The low performance of Ragnarok X Next Generation is due to the following factors: First, South Korea is the birthplace of Android smartphones. But the statistics are based on iOS system. In addition, before its official launch in South Korea, some people had already enjoyed themselves on other servers. 

Different Market Strategy of Ragnarok X Next Generation

Different approaches are being taken by Ragnarok X for its future launch. Market strategy is one area where it is concentrating its efforts.

In comparison to Ragnarok M Eternal Love from 2018, Ragnarok X Next Generation, released in 2023, has adopted a medium amplitude marketing strategy in an attempt to draw in more gamers. Despite the fact that the Ragnarok IP has around 20 mobile games, it has not been as successful as anticipated.

The two games typically utilize Intellectual Property as a major part of their promotion and marketing, focusing on “long-term interest” aspects such as characters, cute elements, action sequences, and visuals, and utilizing phrases to draw in players from within the game, all while staying in line with the IP’s philosophy.

In addition to the above facts, Ragnarok X Next Generation will also display a large number of leisure games, including photos, and use sound music to attract players to enjoy. In addition, KOL marketing is more carefully designed than simple promotion. However, Ragnarok M Eternal Love supports more games about pets and devices, featuring cute graphics.

South Korea is the highest spender in the MMORPG genre, behind China and Japan. The presence of games such as Ragnarok M Eternal Love and Ragnarok X Next Generation suggests Chinese developers have a particular focus on Korean players. Ragnarok X Next Generation has a more advanced condition than other markets in the same time frame. Even though the market results weren’t quite as good as its predecessor, it has still gained strong momentum. 

How to Download and Enjoy Ragnarok X: Next Generation with Redfinger

Redfinger cloud phone now has Ragnarok X: Next Generation available. This game has automatic function. You can switch in the custom menu and it will run automatically. This is a great time saver for adventurers so that they can do other things. Also, it saves mobile phone storage space, which is a great benefit of playing Ragnarok X: Next Generation with redfinger cloud phone. The combination of the two offers a more convenient experience.

Redfinger cloud phone, an Android virtual system, allows you to use an additional Android phone on one device. Because it runs on the cloud server, this android emulator uses up very little data, storage, and battery power of your device. Furthermore, you can enjoy your game without interruption on the cloud. Moreover, a single redfinger account can be used to maintain multiple cloud phones for your multitasking requirements.

1. Look for REDFINGER in the Google Play Store and get the application installed. Access the official website to use the program through your web browser.

2. Complete the login steps to access the Redfinger cloud smartphone.

If you need assistance with something, it is recommended that you watch the Redfinger tutorial videos.

3.In the REDFINGER APP Store, type in ‘Ragnarok X: Next Generation’ in the search bar to find it.

4. Download and install the game in Redfinger.

5.Experience Ragnarok X: Next Generation by running and having fun with redfinger.

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