Find out All About Nextech vs. DrChrono EHR Software

Nextech vs. DrChrono

Which is superior, Nextech EMR or DrChrono? Make sure you read this article all the way through if you want a simple way to determine which EHR Software product is better.

Nextech EHR Features

Appointment Scheduling

The first software to ever include multi-provider and multi-location scheduling features is Nextech EMR. Providers can use it to plan all of their schedules and even set dates for bringing in new resources and equipment. Additionally, it takes into account a provider’s capacity and issues alerts for numerous or taxing appointments. To remind patients of their appointments, an automated text message reminder system is also available. The software increases clinical profitability by lowering the likelihood of missed appointments.

Lab Integration

By offering lab integration, the vendor helps all providers and frees up time that doctors could spend in their clinic instead of collecting test results. Additionally, doctors can alter it so that it integrates with the labs and even pharmacies of their choice. It supports an easy-to-use lab interface in addition to providing this seamless integration. This interface makes it much faster than ever to view and analyze reports.

Robust Billing

With Nextech EMR’s advanced feature, you can now directly pay the bills using the codes from the patients’ records. Patients are no longer required to pay the additional fees associated with card-not-present transactions due to the simplicity of the payment method. As a result, for people who don’t have the time to walk around corners to pay their bills, the billing process is improved.

Financial Management

The Nextech EMR broadens its focus to include an all-inclusive financial module rather than concentrating solely on the bills and payments made by patients. It includes a robust revenue cycle management tool to hasten the collection of past-due debts. In addition to maximizing clinical reimbursements, it aids in claims scrubbing and claims submission. The EHR solution and this tool are integrated, saving practitioners from having to re-document. The really cool part is that it also processes insurance checks and analyses while processing claims to lower the possibility of denials.

DrChrono EHR Features

Integrated RCM

There’s no need to get tangled up in cumbersome revenue cycle processes when you have DrChrono at your disposal. Reviews show this clinical software offers a comprehensive RCM solution for enhancing the financial health status of practices. There’s no denying that this impressive solution improves clinical cash flow by 96%. In addition, it smoothly handles all the claims by continuous monitoring and enabling professionals to focus solely on their patients. There’s a tool for performing rejection analysis, and expert billing professionals are hired to manage this process. Then there’s an RCM task manager so you can see which tasks have been looked after and which are still unprocessed. Other than this, all medical practices get a dedicated account manager to support the financial decisions made.


Through EHR software, DrChrono Telehealth enables scheduling and carrying out virtual visits. You can make online appointments with this user-friendly, HIPP-compliant video visit and send patients automated emails. There is no need for additional software, downloads, or time-consuming setups during this process.

Patient Portal

Both software packages include the patient portal. Users have found the availability of these characteristics to be very advantageous. Patients can now access their data and other specifics and edit them as needed, eliminating the need for them to remain in the dark. By having access to the patient portal, doctors and healthcare organizations could keep a close eye on their patients’ histories and prevent any misunderstandings or misinformation.

DrChrono vs Nextech 

Nextech EHR Reviews

Users are transported to a whole new world by the Nextech EMR reviews, which contain amazing information about the vendor. By conducting a thorough analysis, it enables users to gain useful insights into the financial performance and aids in giving them visibility into their clinical operations. Reviews of Nextech’s EMR software demonstrate how the vendor makes it simple for clinical practices to realize their full potential. Additionally, by handling administrative tasks, it lessens the workload for the staff. Its HIPAA compliance provides users with reassurance and enables them to work worry-free. The catch is that Nextech EMR software has a 79 percent user satisfaction rate, which is only moderately high.

DrChrono EHR Reviews

DrChrono EHR reviews have a lot of insightful things to say. From the perspective of the user, it perfectly captures this perfect solution. This solution gains and maintains a strong customer base thanks to its above-average customer satisfaction rate. The software’s seamless third-party integrations increase clinical productivity. The decision-making process is supported by DrChrono EHR’s unparalleled interoperability service, which enables secure data exchange. Users contend that DrChrono EHR’s price range should remain constant despite yearly price increases for new customers. We discovered from DrChrono reviews that users dislike it because it ties service providers to lengthy contracts. Therefore, once you make a sizable investment, there is no turning back.

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Nextech EHR Pricing vs. DrChrono EHR Pricing

Plans for DrChrono start at $200 per provider per month. In our investigation, we discovered that this cost is notably low among vendors of medical software. Our research shows that the typical monthly cost for a service like DrChrono is between $1,000 and $2,000 per provider. The basic expenses for implementation and support services are included in this sum. To know more, please schedule a DrChrono EHR demo. This cost-effective option adheres to the maxim “You get what you pay for.” It guarantees that clinicians won’t be assessed any further fees in the future. The price information is not available from Nextech EMR. You can schedule a Nextech EHR demo to learn about it pricing plans. 

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