5 Ways to Create a Teen Den in Your Garden or Back Yard

Create a Teen Den

Do you have young teenagers begging to have their own entertainment area or den but there’s limited space in the house? If you have a garden or back yard with space to spare, you can put it to good use and create a teen den for your adolescent. This way, you can all enjoy some privacy without invading each other’s personal space!

Creating a teen den can be a lot of fun and if your kid has been saving up for a jukebox or other entertainment equipment, what better place to put it?

Using a structure in your garden or back yard gives your teen a sense of independence. Plus, you and the rest of the family can enjoy your home without contending with raucous teens in the next room! 

5 Ways to Create a Teen Den in Your Garden or Back Yard

1. Convert a Children’s Cubby House

Converting a children’s cubby house into a den means you don’t have to worry about making major infrastructural changes nor waste time building a structure from scratch. However, if your teen plans to have a jukebox, a kettle, a bar fridge and gaming stations, you’ll need to wire the place up. Make sure you hire the services of a certified electrician to do the job safely and properly. 

If your kids never had an outdoor playhouse growing up, you can purchase a new or secondhand unit that’s easy to assemble in a day. Cubby houses come in a range of different sizes and designs so you can ensure it blends in with your garden style instead of it being an eyesore. 

2. Take Over the Garden Shed

Do you have an unused garden shed standing empty in the back yard? If so, then think about converting it into a teen den. Even if the space is small, your adolescent will appreciate having their own space, especially if they’re not big on socialising with big groups of friends. 

Most garden sheds are located in the back yard so you don’t need to worry about your front garden being invaded by teenagers! Giving the shed a fresh coat of paint, and adding a rug and a bean bag or two will instantly uplift a tired shed. Putting shelving on the walls gives additional space for items such as a boom box, a tea station and whatever else your kid wants to keep in their den. 

3. Use a Secondhand Shipping Container

Using a secondhand shipping container is a quick and easy way of creating a teen den if you have space in your garden or back yard. Check with your local authorities about the legalities of having a shipping container on your property before purchasing one though! If your budget allows, hire an expert to fit out the container with a small bathroom, kitchen area and power supply. 

Shipping containers come in a range of sizes so you can opt for one that fits neatly into your back yard or garden. Insulating the interior is a good idea to keep the den cool on hot summer days and warm in the colder months. There’s ample space for your teen to have a desk, chairs, bean bags, gaming stations and even one of those slate pool tables for sale online! 

4. Create a Treehouse Den

Creating a treehouse den does require having a large and sturdy tree in your garden that can accommodate a structure big enough to be a teen den! You’ll need to be pretty handy with tools and woodwork if you want to make it a DIY project for dad and child. Alternatively, hire the services of a local handyman to do the job. 

A treehouse teen den saves ground space which means your garden or back yard can still be used for other purposes. If your kids had a treehouse growing up, all you have to do is change the interior décor to suit your teen’s den lifestyle! If your kid wants a power supply, consider installing solar panels to save on energy costs. 

5. Install a Pergola

Installing a pergola is another way of creating some space for your teenager away from the main house. They come in different shapes and styles so you can pick a design that fits in with your home’s architecture, making it an attractive feature in your garden. While pergolas don’t normally come with walls, you can solve this problem by installing outdoor roller blinds. 

Using a pergola as a teen den is best for teenagers who enjoy entertaining friends, playing pool or having barbecues with buddies by the pool. This way, you won’t have teens traipsing through your house at all hours of the day or night while you and the rest of the family are having quiet time! 

Final Thoughts

Creating a teen den needn’t take up precious space in the home. Using one of these ideas will help you make use of unused structures or outdoor areas without your teen leaving home when looking for entertainment or their own space!

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