How to Transform your Garage into a Workshop

Transform your Garage into a Workshop

More and more Aussies with talent in their hands are turning to making things and selling them online. It has never been easier to set up a small business and if your work is of top quality, why not cut out the middlemen and sell directly to the public via your website?

Essential workspace

Those double garages are obviously to protect your family vehicles, but a carport gives you that and that frees up your garage to be turned into a workshop. Create a set of blueprints and add some quality insulation and you have a workplace that can be designed around you and your work. If you decide to use one half of the structure, build a plywood partition to separate the spaces, otherwise you want the entire space with no partition.

Shelving & storage

Search the web for a leading Australian supplier of metal shelving that interconnects, allowing you to create independent units. Storage is necessary for tools, equipment and materials, not to mention finished products; there are state of the art storage solutions online and prices are reasonable.

LED lighting

Both general and task lighting need to be adequate and your local electrician has you covered. LED uses minimal energy and if you have the budget, why not install solar panels on the garage roof and buy some lithium-ion batteries? Become energy independent and do yourself a favour.

Epoxy resin flooring

If you have a screed or concrete floor, you can ask a local epoxy resin flooring company to install the ideal flooring that is easy to clean and lasts for decades. Ventilation is critical; order a few skylights and get a local builder to install them at each end of the structure; this is especially pertinent if you are working with chemicals. Here are a few tips for designing a workplace.

Sound insulation

Most processes make noise and there are state-of-the-art sound insulation tiles that you can cover the interior walls with. Using power tools in the evenings and weekends might bother your neighbours, if you think you need it, install sound insulation tiles and you won’t regret it.

Check power limitations

If you are using machinery, ask a local electrician to inspect your workshop and ensure that the electrics can supply the power you need. He can install a safety cut switch that kicks in when there is a power surge, which can happen.

Climate control

Of course, you need a comfortable temperature when at work; a single HVAC compressor would be enough to give you heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. A local company can design a system that gives you what you need.

Think functionality

Aesthetics can take a back seat when designing a workshop; use the walls for storage and make best use of all available space. Health & safety issues might arise, so do check that your space complies.

We hope the above information helps you to set up the perfect workshop from where to create products.

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