Top Tips By Content Writing Agency to Repurpose your content


Have you been creating too many pieces and seeing a slump in progress? None of your articles are getting the viewership they deserve. Probably, you are writing on the wrong topics, or you haven’t considered newer avenues to promote your articles.

Writing a blog is not the end of the job; it is the beginning of the content marketing Services journey. You write the blog as your first step; the remaining steps include publishing, distributing, and promoting it to get more customers. 

Repurposing your content as a video or PowerPoint slide is a great way to engage your customers, according to experts at the content writing agency. You can use the content that readers appreciate and repurpose it. 

How to Repurpose your Content?

Here are a few tips shared by experts from a content writing agency that can help you quickly repurpose the content and make it more accessible.

  1. If you have created a webinar on a particular topic, it may have been a huge hit that day. However, people may not want to watch the entire webinar to understand small bits of information. For instance, if they want to know how to use a particular feature of your product, the demo webinar will be way too long for them. to solve this issue, you can break down the webinar into smaller content pieces and share it with viewers. These could be “how-to” tutorials that can engage the readers and maximize engagement. 
  2. As we discussed earlier, you might have written too many blog posts. It is a huge compilation, and people may not go through individual posts. How about combining the relevant posts into a single guide? You can create an ebook out of your blog posts that help the users leverage the content and get it all in one place.
  3. As a business, you might have helped several people globally. Your portfolio is massive but can others see it? No! You may want to work on improving your business portfolio so that people get a chance to know how you work. For this purpose alone, you can convert your best work into case studies and share them on the website. It will help as a guide to people who want to discuss work with you.
  4. If you have created PPTs in the past, you can share them online through slide decks. For example, if you have a presentation on “how to test using Xamarin” If, create a slide deck and share it on the relevant channel. You will get more viewers, and it can help you increase the reach and visibility of the brand. 
  5. A lot of businesses have started sharing expert-talks content in their blogs. They specifically connect with experts and specialists in the field and get their views on certain topics. This helps them build a blog surrounding the topic. You may have already created an article/blog on this topic. It is time to convert that blog into something more relevant for the target market. 
  6. If you have created visual content or images (read infographics) you can share them on Pinterest. Not many businesses have adoptd this medium; however, it is one of the best ways to promote your business. Several people are on Pinterest, and you can get a good reach here. If you create a dedicated board for this, you can drive more people to this place. You can get a collection of quotes on content writing and convert it into an infographic. 
  7. You can repurpose your blog posts and create answers for Quora. If you do this, you will drive more traffic to your business website. Interlink the particular blog you are repurposing so that people will go there to get a deeper understanding of what you offer.

The content writing agency believes that you should be able to repurpose statistics into a Twitter post and get more traction from it. 

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Kamal Pandey