Top 8 Trading Accounts in India

Trading Accounts in India

For any beginner entering the ever-growing equity market world, there is always the hurdle of finding the correct Demat account for you. There is a lot of half-baked information about the Demat account with the emergence of new companies selling Demat accounts like free sim cards.

What is the Best Trading Account in India?

We have looked at the various characteristics to bring you the top 8 best trading accounts in India with no account opening charges unless stated otherwise. 

Choice India

Insight paperless account opening, advanced analysis tools, Choice Spark in-depth reports, and expert advisory are one call away. The choice is an excellent upcoming online trading account with cutting-edge tools and an AMC of 200. 


Upstox has become a staple choice for young investors with over 52 lakhs active accounts. Upstox provides one of the best online trading accounts, versatile and modern. 

You get zero commission investing and easy trading of stocks Upstox also provides users with instant withdrawals and advanced candle pattern tools for ease of trading. With AMC of Rs 150.


Thousands of investors started their trading journey with Zerodha. Free equity delivery and low fees in every aspect of trading made the application lucrative for many investors. 

Zerodha has an active user base of over 60 lakhs. Members enjoy advanced tools such as Coin for investing in mutual funds, Zerodha Console for insights and in-depth reports, and Kite, a flagship trading platform. With AMC Rs 300.

Angel One 

With over 30 years of experience in the stock market, Angel One has over 35 lakhs active users, a full-service leading platform in India, and one of the lowest customer-to-client ratios in the market. 

Angle One provides its users with Angle Arq, an automated stock recommender for investors with an estimated 9% returns and advanced portfolio management by experts. Angle one has 0 brokerages and a flat Rs 20 for intraday, with AMC 240 rupees.

HDFC Securities

Being the Subsidiary of one of the largest private banks in India is a 20-year-old trading platform with advanced tools and market research for its 11 lakh users. HDFC Security is one of India’s most trusted online trading account service providers.

They also provide global investment in US stocks, shares, mutual funds and many more. With AMC of 750 rupees.

Kotak Securities 

Kotak Securities is also an old player in the trading market, with nearly 12 lakh active users today. Kotak provides an advanced Desktop Trading terminal Keat Pro X, a wave and a mobile trading app so you can trade from anywhere anytime. 

Kotak Securities also provides its users with advanced market analysis, and margin trading benefits small investors. The AMC charges are Rs 600 and Rs 500 for account opening. 

Motilal Oswal Securities

With 900 AMC depending on the scheme, Motilal is one of the premium online trading accounts. It provides robust desktop, web and mobile applications so you can trade from anywhere and over 30,000 in-depth research reports which you can look at. 

Motilal has over 9 lakh active users and provides them with Strategy builders, technical signals and indicators which traders love.


It is one of the well-known Discount brokers with over 1.5 crores of users in recent years—Groww with its straightforward and intuitive interface, research analysis and newsletter, which many traders love. Groww is new to trading, but it will be one of the best trading accounts in upcoming years: no AMC and zero brokerage.

Every investor is different, and with our guide, you can compare and choose the proper Demat trading account. 

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