Lyric Video Maker – Make a Creative Lyric Video in 3 Minutes

Lyric Video Maker

As we know video marketing is all about considering new things, especially for music brands and other artists. If you are also falling in this category then the creation of a lyric video will be the best opportunity for your business growth. There was a time when different complex software was used for making a lyric video.

But now, instead of such expensive and complex software other incredible tools like Doratoon have taken place. There is no doubt that lyric videos are comparatively more liked by the audience and also appear magnificent.

Doratoon: A Pre-Eminent Lyric Video Maker

No matter in which field you are working, you must need an efficient and productive tool for your work. Similarly, Doratoon is considered among such tools that are playing a great role in almost every field of life. The creation of lyric videos has become now a simple task just because of Doratoon.

The reason behind so much popularity of lyric videos is that the audience is interested in such videos hence people are trying to grab viewers’ attention toward their business through this platform. 

Not only lyric video creation, but Doratoon is having a strong position because of carrying lots of amazing features. It lets its user do all types of editing on its inbuilt editing screen and also provides an interface to add animation to the video.

As video marketing is so popular nowadays hence every third person is in search of a way to benefit through this platform. But production of any type of video must require a suitable and assisting tool. Doratoon proves to be very helpful in this regard. 

Steps of Making a Lyric Video

The inbuilt tools of a lyric video maker like Doratoon have made it an easy step to add lyrics to a video. The most amazing fact about Doratoon is that it enables its users to add lyrics to such a video that you have already edited. Lots of tools only add lyrics to a video that is not edited hence Doratoon users have this edge. 

Moreover, the steps used to make a lyric video using this tool are very simple and understandable. The steps are discussed below:

Step 1:  Gain Access to Website and Create Video

First of all, move to the official website of Doratoon and then click on the signup button to sign in to the website. Go to the “Workbench” tab and here select the ‘Create a New Video’ option that will be available on the left side of the screen.

Step 2: Add Music

Now you are at the editing interface either select a template from the list of 1000+ ready-made templates or upload the video. Not only templates, but you can also add different available effects into the video. Now you can add the music whose lyrics you want to add to the video.

Step 3: Add Lyrics

After adding the desired music to the video, you have to add the lyrics of the music by using the “Add Subtitles” feature. You will also be allowed to do other edits like changing the style of text or adding animation effects etc. 

Step 4: Save Results

Once, completing the editing on the video now it’s time to save the video to the device by selecting the Export button appearing on the screen of the website.

What Makes Doratoon a Best Lyric Video Maker?

It’s a basic fact that if a platform is having great popularity among people then there will be a solid reason behind this popularity. Similarly, the reason why Doratoon is referred to as the best Lyric video maker is its features that never fail in providing ease to the users. The detail of the features of Doratoon are given below:

  • AI Dubbing

Doratoon allows its users to do the dubbing of their desired video. It becomes helpful for the users to voice-over the video so that people with different languages can also understand the video. Moreover, you can also convert the written text into subtitles.

  • User-friendly Workbench

Whenever a beginner tries to use a new tool then he must face some difficulties but Doratoon is free from such complexities. It provides different high-quality videos to beginners so that they can get familiar with the working of Doratoon. 

  • Help Center

The help centre of Doratoon allows its users to contact the website at the time of any difficulty. The help centre will receive the details of the problem and try to solve it as early as possible. 

  • Free of Cost

There are lots of tools that ensure reliability but in the end demand alot of hidden fees from users. Unlike such tools, Doratoon is free to use and you will never be asked to provide any kind of extra money even if you are working with the premium plan. 

  • Unlimited Templates

The 1000+ ready-made templates of Doratoon are contributing to grabbing the attention of users themselves. Moreover, users can choose to select any of the templates at any time without any restriction.

  • Speech to Text Option

If your edited video contains any kind of audio then you can change that into text and can bring a new change to the video. Not speech to text option but you can also convert your text into voice easily. 

Sum Up:

Lyric videos have become a unique trend nowadays and different platforms are offering tools to the users to make a lyric video easily. But honestly, Doratoon is a reliable and efficient lyric video maker amongst all. The above article is all about this amazing lyric video maker hence if you want to gain any further data about this topic then the above article is here for a tour guide.

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