Top 10 Personal Finance Podcasts


The media industry is booming: instead of TV shows we watch Netflix; instead of news, we listen to podcasts. The last ones, by the way, are great educational resources: you may acquire new skills, expand your knowledge on certain subjects, or meditate.

Financial Literacy is Both an Interesting And Dangerous Topic

Why is it interesting? Because people are talking about it more often; despite earning more money, a lot of us cannot save them, for example, to buy a house or a car. Financial literacy is not something we learn at school (even though we should); therefore, people with more money are sometimes more miserable than those with lower incomes.

Why is it dangerous? Because there are plenty of online frauds, taking advantage of users who know nothing about saving money and giving priority to third-party lenders. Very often people saying “I need money desperately”, become victims of scamming activities. Therefore, saving your finances and sensitive information should be a number one priority.

Here’s the list of the best finance podcasts which will help you to figure things out, and increase your budget!

1. The Dave Ramsey Show

Dave Ramsey will make your life simple: during the episodes (which he releases every weekday), he answers the calls from listeners who want to get out of debt, for example. 

In April 2022, about 46 million Americans were affected by a student loan. Because of increased prices for tuition, more and more people need to borrow cash to cover all their expenses. Even if it’s inevitable for you, check out The Dave Ramsey Show to get help!

2. The Clark Howard Podcast

A long-term radio talk show host, Clark Howard, gives proven tips for a financially healthy life. In his podcast, you’ll find: 

  • money-saving life hacks
  • hot deals for a summer vacation
  • economic news to keep you posted.

And there’s much more to help you earn financial freedom!

3. Women and Money

Here’s the best podcast not only for women but for every person who wants to live a fulfilled life. Suze Orman, a financial advisor with over 40 years of experience, teaches how to empower yourself from within, so that money will not be the only resource to survive.

4. So Money

One of the most profound investigators into a wealthy world, Farnoosh Torabi, has founded a podcast about financial literacy. In her series, you may find different interviews with famous business minds and influencers; the podcast also contains conversations about money strategies and credit card repayments. 

Besides, every Friday, you get a chance to ask Ms. Torabi a question on her regular topic #AskFarnoosh.

5. BiggerPockets Money

The title speaks for itself — here you’ll finally figure out how to spend more without sacrificing your income. The financial experts, Scott Trench and Mindy Jensen discuss the actionable advice from thought leaders on how to get your finances in order. 

The hosts break down the personal money stories about the rising and falling of people’s agendas regarding money; the show will help you to realize you’re not alone, and that there’s a solution to every problem. Order Valium Online

6. Afford Anything

Another podcast host doing the interviews. However, there’s a huge difference — you won’t hear only professional advisors, but also entrepreneurs, investors, and early retirees. The host Paula Pant, coaches listeners on spending money and living a mindful life without impulsive purchases. 

We make decisions on how to spend our life, and whether we can afford a summer trip, daily. Paula Pant offers you to reinvent some stereotypes and makes you believe the limits are only in your head. If you spend money wisely, you can afford much more than you can imagine.

7. The Money Guy Show

Okay, now, we’re at point 7, why is this podcast different? First of all, its hosts, Brian Preston and Bo Hanson discuss personal finance topics (for example, getting a beneficial deal on a car); secondly, their conversations are both educational and entertaining.

8. Optimal Finance Daily

It’s truly one of the best podcasts to start planning your budget from scratch! The hosts, Diania Merriam and Dan Weinberg provide listeners with enthusiastic tips on optimizing their financial well-being. Following the podcast, you’ll hear excerpts from personal finance blogs and receive a chance to completely reinvent your life.

9. Money for the Rest of Us

Once a chief investment strategist, now a well-known financial advisor, J David Stein, teaches how money works and how to live without worrying about it. You’ll discover the way the Multi-Level Marketing Pyramid works, or learn about the housing crisis intensified by AirBnB. 

You don’t have to possess an educational background to understand J David Stein: the new episodes (released every Wednesday) are pretty accurate even for people without profound economic knowledge.

10. Planet Money

Another great show to break down stereotypes: Is planet Money has started broadcasting right after a huge financial crisis in 2008. The producers look for creative and sometimes funny ways to explain complicated financial terms, and, therefore, make listeners aware of different economic topics. 

Planet Money is released by NPR twice a week; its hosts include Amanda Aronczyk, Mary Childs, Jacob Goldstein, and Robert Smith. The podcast is a great alternative to a fun evening at a bar with friends, talking about the latest economic news.

Summing Up

Listening to a podcast is a modern way of gaining new knowledge. It has lots of benefits, including: 

●   time-management — you can listen to a show while riding public transport or staying in line

●   informative — the topics are covered briefly, with only necessary information. After all, the attention is hard to keep, so the podcast founders do their best to get to the point right away

●   offline — you can download the series to listen while being away from the internet. 

The financial podcasts are great sources of information and hard analytics; they might be very helpful to get on with your family budget or even start a business. Podcast hosts tell real-life stories, which makes listeners likely to follow their advice and patiently wait for another episode.

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