The Reverse-Chronological Format Resume And Its Benefits

Reverse-Chronological Format Resume

Choosing the best format for your resume to ensure a position in your dream company is a little tricky. Employers with a high standard will either put your resume in the trash can or, if you’re lucky, they will give you a pass. Although there are a lot of resume formats to choose from, it would still be hard to pick a suitable resume format for your resume. The most used format is the reverse-chronological format since a lot of hiring managers prefer this type of format. For those rich in work history, this type of format is the most suitable for your resume, especially if you want to pinpoint your achievements from your previous work.

What is a Reverse-Chronological Format?

A reverse-chronological resume format lists all your work experiences from your recent job until your past one. Again, your employers like to spot your job experiences, so it is a must to highlight your past and recent job experiences. For those job hunters with a lot of experience and achievements, then this type of resume format is the perfect one. 

If you’re a fresh graduate without any job experience, worry not, for it would still be wise to use the chronological format. But if you’re hesitant, it is best to look for other formats that would fit your profile.


  • Recruiters find this format easy to read for a short period. 
  • We all know that your employers will not spend their time reading your resume. They would skim it for 7 seconds or more, then boom! It’s decided if you’re a “pass” or “disqualified.” With this resume format, it is easy for your skills and experiences to spot, which means at first or two glances, they could immediately process if you can pass.
  • It is the most traditional resume format.
  • Since the chronological format is the traditional one, it is more convenient for your recruiters to skim on as they are already used to this type of resume format. 
  • Your job experiences are easy to spot.
  • Recruiters could easily read your experiences on the middle part of your resume.
  • Does a better job of describing your experience and qualifications.
  • The reverse-chronological format focuses on your achievements, experiences, and qualifications, which makes describing a little easier.
  • Applicant Tracking Systems (ATSs) might find your resume easy to scan/read.
  • When scanning your resume, ATSs are typically programmed to check for specific headers and other criteria. This programming typically uses a chronological resume as its foundation. Therefore, an ATS can miss your keywords if you utilize a format other than a chronological resume because it won’t know where to scan.

When To Use?

Knowing when to use something or not is essential. It is why you should know best, especially if you’re a meticulous person working on your resume. Although the chronological resume format is the standard for most hiring managers, there are still cons to this format, like consistent editing and exposing your gaps in employment. 

Take note that the format you will use depend on the job you’re trying to apply for. There are three resume formats: chronological, functional, and combination (hybrid). If you’re having a hard time choosing which design is best, there are a lot of resume templates on different sites that would help you.

The chronological resume is the obvious option in the majority of situations. It is common and highlights the appropriate areas; employers prefer this over other styles.

However, if your employment experience is minimal, the chronological format may not fit your profile. So make sure always to consider the other two options!

Reminder: Remember that you must also be creative in making your resume. Research the advantages and disadvantages of your chosen resume format so you would have enough knowledge if your preferred format would fit your profile. Lastly, be positive during your job hunting to attract all the good energies you manifest!


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