Buying A Kit Home In 2022

Kit Home

It seems like nontraditional homes have become all the rage lately as buyers continue to get creative with their paths to homeownership. This innovation of alternatives compared to traditionally built homes, has made kit homes an affordable, energy efficient, and extremely customizable option for many people. As of now you can even buy a high-quality kit home right from Amazon and have any materials you need delivered right to the building site. As innovative as these kit homes sound, the concept of home building kits have actually been around since the early 1900’s. Here are some things you should know before purchasing a kit home mäklare and continuing on with your newly found momentum.

What Is A Kit Home?

A kit home is essentially a mail order home, much similar to a pre-fabricated home, and delivered in several parts from the manufacturer, usually with the help of a heavy haul trucking company, and then set up on your property either by yourself or by a contractor. A house kit is a much more affordable option compared to hiring contractors to source all the required materials needed themselves. A kit home can be ordered, designed and constructed for anything from a work studio to a bungalow to even a three bedroom contemporary style home.

While Amazon has revived much of the interest in kit homes, they were very popular in the very first part of the 20 century. In reality, there have been more than 100,000 kit homes that have been built in the US since the early 1900s. Sears, if you remember that company, was the world’s most well-known kit home manufacturer for that era.

How Much Is A Kit Home?

The price of a kit home can vary depending on the size, layout, and location. They are still considerably cheaper to develop compared to a traditionally built home. Most kit home manufacturers have business models very similar to that of a modular or manufactured home. In fact, most home building kit suppliers will even offer modular options.

By building or assembling a kit in a climate controlled environment at a factory, the build time can exponentially shortened and in turn, reduce labor costs. Since the construction materials have been purchased in bulk and then delivered to a factory, the cost of materials can often be lower than if you were to outsource these materials for a newly built stick home. Some manufacturers will ship the kit home for free depending on your location whereas others will require you to hire mobile home movers for the delivery.

A bare-bones kit home can be had for as little as $30 per square foot. You may find that some of these kits don’t have drywall or any interior elements whatsoever. A more typical cost for an average panelized kit home that includes wall panels and a roof, will range anywhere from $40-$80 per square foot. It may be a good idea to talk with a general contractor first before taking on a kit home so you can get a more realistic estimate.

Benefits Of A Kit Home Build

Just like with any other type of financial decision you have to make in your life, there is no right answer for everyone. Kit homes can potentially be more expensive if you live in a low-cost area. Below are some important factors to consider before deciding on the different types of homes available.

Cost: Kit homes tend to be cheaper than their general contractor traditionally built home for a number of reasons.

Fast delivery: Manufacturers of kit homes can typically get the entire kit organized and delivered within a matter of weeks.

Streamlined construction: since every piece has been pre-cut and labeled with directions on its assembly, it can be built significantly faster and with more accuracy.

Customization: One of the best benefits to any home build is being able to bring a homeowners customized dream home into fruition.

New home: A kit home is just as durable as any other traditionally built home and can easily last 50 years or more. Aside from this, you and your family can be the first inhabitants of this newly constructed home.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re looking to create a new barn, garage, or even your own tiny home, A kit home can be sent, ready to go, and ready to build by you or a contractor at a more reasonable price compared to a traditionally built stick home.

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