Storm International: Gambling fans can rest assured about the future of the industry

Storm International

The powerful empire of gambling and entertainment is a completely legal business in almost 50-60% of the countries worldwide. Professionals who can use this to create and develop gambling empires deserve all admiration and respect. A prominent player in the gambling industry is the world-famous operator Storm International. Respectable gaming complexes of this popular brand are scattered worldwide – a network of land-based casinos and slots gaming halls. Worth mentioning is the company’s powerful online project – Shangri La online casino. What did 2023 give the company, and what will gambling fans enjoy in 2024? We give you a detailed report on the company’s plans for the future.

What accomplished victories of the brand will remain in our memory?

According to the CEO of the brand, well-known in the gambling industry, Darren Keane, Shangri La had to urgently respond to global cataclysms. The brand team radically changed the company’s development strategy, allowing it to maintain the company’s image and adapt to difficult times. The company assures that in 2024, the brand will continue to develop dynamically, continuing the successful path of its long history.

The most striking and impressive event of 2023 was the opening of a new casino in the Shangri La network in the picturesque Georgian city of Batumi on the shores of the amazing Black Sea. Despite the numerous problems during the construction of this casino, the facility was still completed within the pre-announced timeframe. The intense but well-coordinated work of the brand team became the key to the timely opening of the luxurious Shangri La Batumi casino. Now, everyone is happy – Georgians, as well as Israelis, Turkish players, and players from all countries of the former Soviet Union. There is confidence that the new casino in Batumi will be a qualitative expansion of the Georgian branch of the company. After all, the successful older brother, the Shangri-La Tbilisi casino, continues its successful, confident path of development, overcoming competition and problems in the country’s economy.

Royal Casino Shangri-La Yerevan also continues to progress and confidently move through the thorns of the gambling horizon. Everyone here is looking forward to 2024 when the implementation of a new amazing project is planned. Construction of a mind-blowing 5-star hotel and grand casino is nearing the finish line in Yerevan. This new gaming complex will delight players with a range of games, including more than 200 cutting-edge slots and 40 comfortable gaming tables.

The brand’s Minsk team also undoubtedly deserves respect for its tangible contribution to the overall success of the company. Shangri La Minsk demonstrated the highest results in 2023. In 2024, we expect the Minsk branch of the brand to achieve productive feats and continue to grow in popularity among the large army of gambling fans.

And what do we have as a result? Storm International’s strong push into 2023 has shown how important a strong and cohesive team is. Darren Keane believes, Storm International adapted quite quickly and continued its planned expansions and strategic growth quite successfully. In 2024, the brand will continue its usual path toward excellence. After all, everyone knows that maintaining leadership is always much harder than gaining it.

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