How To Track Your Employee Activity During Remote Working

Track Your Employee Activity

The present workplace is getting strenuous, and reports of resignations increase with time. Work-life balance has turned out to be one subject that requires thorough discussion. 

Therefore the management of business organizations is trying to understand if the employees are burnt out and fatigued. Tracking work activity has gone on to become important from that aspect. 

After the world went into lockdown, the need for this kind of monitoring gained momentum. From this aspect discussing employee engagement and its monitoring became highly pertinent. In this article, we discuss ways to track employee activity during remote work. 

How To Track Your Employee Activity During Remote Working

It is not possible to track employees’ activity physically because your employees are working from remote areas or might be from home. But there is nothing to feel hopeless about. There are certain ways that can help you with this tracking and monitoring. Let’s see here in this discussion.

1. Productivity

The financial success of a business organization depends, to quite an extent, on productivity. Increasing productivity is the indication of growth and vice versa. Therefore, an easy way of tracking the performance of remote workers is by looking at productivity. If you see that productivity is low, then it is an indication of the fact that there are some problems that you need to fix immediately. 

Let’s look at it critically. According to a survey conducted by CoSo, 77% of the employees were performing well. Notwithstanding this, productivity decreases manifolds. The factor that brings in the difference is the organization’s work culture. The good news is that there is productivity tracking software like Time Doctor, Time Camp, and Toggle. You can download productivity software from The Pirate Bay for free.  

2. Create Task List

Whenever a project comes to you, simply break the entire project into a task list. Break it in such a way it is monitorable. Delegate tasks to each team in your company. 

If one task is finished, they are supposed to tick them. After a week, monitor the tick marks of each and every team. See how each team performed. Now, if you are new to the business, you need to take the help of some mechanized systems to monitor the difficulty level of each task. This will provide precision to the entire activity.

So the task list remains one of the most effective ways to track employee activity. 

3. Self Reporting

Sometimes you leave the entire responsibility to your leadership. Remember, a team leader’s job is not to track but to help the employees in need in the best possible ways. But you need to understand that you can not leave everything to your team. 

You can follow an interesting way to handle this. Firstly you send some tasks of almost equal weight to your trusted leaders. After they fish with their task, you ask them individually how difficult or easy it was when they were running the teams. 

You will be able to understand from their viewpoint that they are overworked or underworked. Some objective forms of analysis work sometimes. This creates a solid understanding of the engagement.  

4. Tracking Employee Activity

One of the most potent and full-proof ways of tracking employees’ activity is monitoring their time spent on email. According to an interesting statistic, modern employees spend around 20% to 50% of their time in email-related activities. 

If you know what time your employees are taking in their email inbox, you will be able to learn their activities. If you track how quickly the employees respond to the emails, you can understand the scenario better.   

There is a software called email analytics. If you sync it with your employee’s email accounts, you can see how much time they devote to sending messages. Weekly Average email response will provide you with a clear idea of who remained the busiest throughout the day. 

What Is The Final Take?

There are a few physical options available to you to monitor employee activities physically. You can take the help of some tools or software to understand the work activity of the employees. Other than tools or apps, you could track Gmail activities to understand engagement. Even if you disintegrate the entire project into particles and sub-particles, you can have a good understanding of engagement. 

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