All You Need To Know About CBN Products

CBN Products

CBD has become mainstream over the years, and many people believe this compound offers natural support essential to improving health and wellness. Thanks to the widespread knowledge of CBD products, choosing the best CBD oil here is a simple process. CBD is not the only wellness compound found in the cannabis plant. Over 100 other compounds, many with potential benefits, are also part of the plant.

Recently, another compound – CBN – packed with sleep-inducing properties is getting popular. If you are looking for a natural aid to improve your sleep, the following lines shed light on CBN and its sleep-promoting properties.

What is CBN?

CBN or Cannabinol is a natural compound found in the cannabis plant. It can also be produced synthetically in a lab. 

This compound forms when its predecessor cannabinoid – THC – is degraded due to heat, air, or light exposure. It is a non-psychoactive compound, which means using it does not cause intoxicated feelings. 

What Is CBN Good for?

CBN is considered an effective sleep aid that can prove incredibly beneficial for individuals struggling with a lack of sleep. In addition to acting as sleep support, CBN also plays a role in stimulating appetite and offering other wellness benefits. 

CBN tends to bind with CB2 receptors of the body’s endocannabinoid system. This system plays a crucial role in the functioning of the central nervous system and helps the body react to internal and external stimuli. The interaction of CB2 and CBN results in a sedative-like calm that relaxes both body and mind. It induces a physiological response that prepares the body for sleep. 

Furthermore, CB2 receptors assist in the regulation of the immune system and produce several beneficial effects.

Does CBN Help With Sleep?

According to users’ anecdotal accounts, the soothing properties of CBN help the body unwind and lure it into sleep. But the research into the beneficial effects of this cannabinoid is in its infancy. Overall, we know little about CBN and how it affects sleep. 

CBN and Melatonin

The manufacturers often combine CBN with other compounds such as CBD and Melatonin. Each CBN product offers unique and synergistic effects that promote calm and relaxation. 

Similarly, products with CBN melatonin produce super calming effects. Melatonin is a natural hormone that the body produces in response to darkness, and it facilitates the transition to sleep by synchronizing the sleep-wake cycle. But the compound can be made synthetically in a lab and used as a supplement to help people struggling to get better sleep.

The combination of CBN and melatonin produces incredible calming effects that can offer excellent support to get you a fast and refreshing sleep. 

Final Thoughts

CBN is a non-psychoactive compound that forms after the degradation of THC. This minor cannabis cannabinoid is getting increasingly popular due to its multiple wellness benefits, including better sleep. 

Like other cannabis-extracted products, you should purchase CBN products only from reputed brands, such as CBDfx, to enjoy their maximum beneficial effects. They take maximum care to maintain the highest possible quality by using premium ingredients and unique manufacturing processes. Their products come with third-party lab results to ensure users their products are consistent and safe for consumption. 


Michael Levin is a CBD enthusiast, a researcher, writer and editor in the cannabis space, experienced CBD user and educator. He believes CBD can help improve our overall health and wellbeing.

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