How To Play The No Zero Roulette Game

No Zero Roulette Game

Most online or brick-and-mortar casinos provide roulette games to their customers. Many players are familiar with these games, and they find them engaging. However, some casinos now offer the no zero roulette game

If a player wants a change from the traditional roulette, this is a game they can choose. Below is all the information one needs to know about no zero roulette rules and how to start. 

Introduction to Roulette

Before looking at this online casino game, a player must first understand conventional roulette. A player needs to guess where the ball will land for them to win. Roulette rules allow players to bet on a group of numbers, a combination, one number, or a row. 

Basically, players play with a single ball, but several balls can be added into the mix. Sometimes, when all the balls on the wheels can be taken, a player can bet on a blank row. 

What is the No Zero Roulette Game?

No Zero roulette has similar rules to other games. The only difference is the house edge is removed as the wheel has no green slot. This game’s wheel has 1 to 36 pockets with the numbers in red and black. 

A player places a bet on which number the ball will land on, and the wheel spins. Where the ball lands decide the bet and the winnings are paid to their true odds. Gamblers can on play this 888 roulette online. Placing a maximum bet increases the odds of winning. 

What are the Features of No Zero roulette?

The chances of both players winning are always equal. In the traditional game, the winning probability is 36 to 1. Once the zero is removed, the chances increase 35 to 1. 

The available bets are red and black areas which are large and small with numbers 1 to 18 and 19-36. 

Players bet positions 1 to 6, where bets are fixed on certain cells in horizontal, straight, and corner. Players can also bet on dozens when they play no zero roulette. They choose the range 13 -24 or 24-36. Each chip has the same value. 

How Does One Play No Zero Roulette?

Players need to be familiar with casino roulette rules when playing online games. A no-zero roulette game starts with a player deciding to bet on a range or one number. Once they do so, the gambler has to choose to stake on odd or even numbers if they select to play for a single number. The dealer spins the wheel at this point, determining where the ball will fall. 

No Zero roulette rules require two players to play the game. The first player who throws in his chips wins. Players can speak up or raise their hand anytime during the game to throw in their chips. If none of the players throws in their chips, then the opponent throws in their chips. They continue the game until a player has enough money to pay the winner. 

What Is The No Zero Roulette Winning Strategy?

Knowing some basic winning strategies when playing no zero roulette online is important. The first is betting all the numbers because a unit bet is only 1% of the house edge. There are various ways they can do so. 

One, a gambler can bet on adjacent numbers. A gambler increases their chance by 50% if they bet on such a unit. They can bet on two consecutive numbers, such as 18 and 19, to increase their chances.

Secondly, a player can bet on two consecutive numbers when playing in no zero roulette casinos. Though this strategy is not very popular, it can still work to a player’s advantage. However, this strategy can leave a player open to negative outcomes. 

Another strategy gamblers can adopt in no zero roulette games is betting on the last number in a non-consecutive set. It is a strategy used for countering any bet. Ideally, a player bets $10 on the first number, ensuring he has to bet $100 on the last. If not, they lose half the bet. Getting two correct straight numbers gives the opponent a win automatically.

Tips for Playing Roulette

The goal of playing online casino games is to win. There are several tips gamblers can follow to avoid losing money when playing a roulette casino game. The first option is to pick a game with improved odds. No zero roulette game has better winning odds than French, American, or European. 

Additionally, novice players should take advantage of the free roulette game to improve their skills. These free games allow a gambler to become familiar with the game as well as practice their winning strategies. They can also compare other roulette games to see how they suit their interests. 

Finally, a player should push their limits. Online casinos provide low limits for no zero roulette aiming to minimize bets. If a player has an adequate bankroll, they should take advantage of this provision to push their limits for maximum wins. 


Like with most online casino games, there is no guaranteed strategy for winning no zero roulette. The player has to deal with the odds and the rules of roulette. Gamblers are also susceptible to variables that can cause them to lose money. For this reason, players should utilize free options to understand the games and how to manage their bankroll. 

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