Best TH4 War Base Link 2023

Best TH4 War Base Link 2023

Do you want the th4 farming layouts layout for your clan’s war? Yes! You are in the right place. We will be discussing the eye-catching layouts of war bases for town hall 4 bases. Th4 is also considered lower because there are fewer towers and buildings. These key points are important to ensure that your clan has the best possible base.

Best TH4 War Link Anti All

First, you must divide the clan into smaller parts that include both storage and defense towers. The second is the selection of towers and buildings you wish to place in your base. The third is the wall you choose, whether it be brick, maxed or hard. The location of the building is another important consideration. These key points are crucial in creating the coc bases TH4 War Bases. Your town hall should be located in the most secure location in your clan to create the war base layout. This best th4 warbase guide will show you some of the most eye-catching base layouts.

TH4 War Base Link 2023

Two bases are a great way to make your clan secure and look great. The first base layout shows three square sections that are placed in such an attractive way. The clan’s central section consists of the town hall, which includes a clan castle, air defense and mortar. The two other parts have cannons and a storage tower. The base is designed to be less intrusive around the entire clan. To make the base the best TH4 warbase, additional defense buildings and storage towers can be placed outside of the clan.

Best TH4 War Bases

This second base is also one of the most impressive war base layouts. This clan’s best feature is its division into smaller compartments. Five compartments are available, one of which has a town hall equipped with air defense. One small section contains a storage tower and cannon. This wall is used for making the best TH4 warbase secure and efficient. To make the war base strong, important towers and buildings are located outside of the clan.

Town Hall 4 War Base Anti3 Star

This section will teach you how to create a war base layout for town hall 4 base. You can place amazing buildings inside the sections that make up the base. The town hall is usually placed in the middle of the base. However, in the best TH4 warbase, the town hall can be found outside the clan. Many important buildings and towers can be placed with the town hall. These include a dark barrack or laboratory, army camps, clan castle, and other buildings.

Layout of the TH4 War Base

You can see small sections in this second layout of the town hall base. This large square section houses a town hall with mortar, bombs, cannons and hidden tesla. Another section contains mortar, clan castles and storage towers. This TH4 war base is a marvellous and effective use of two types of walls. Outside the war base layout are located the army camp, laboratory, dark barrack and many other defense structures.

COC TH4 War Base

It is also one the most popular Th4 war bases. It has 6 sections and is rectangular in shape. One section includes a clan castle and a town hall. A small section contains cannons, hidden teslas, mortar, and other defense structures. The whole clan is protected or secured by two types of wall. Many towers and buildings are built outside the clan to protect and secure the town hall.

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