5 Residential Pest Control Errors and How to Avoid Them


Each year, millions of homes report seeing roaches and/or rodents. Pests are common problems in housing units and raise public health concerns, in addition to being annoying to deal with.

If you notice pests in your home, it’s important to avoid these common residential pest control errors. Keep reading to learn them.

1. Not Detecting the Source of Pests

One of the most common residential pest control errors is not detecting the source of pests. You can kill pests all you want, but without knowing where the source is, they will keep getting into the home.

Investigate to find out where the pests are coming from before killing them. Most entryways for pests are cracks in the walls and spaces underneath floors.

Find and seal these open areas. If you can’t find the source, hire a pest control service that can.

2. Identifying Pests Incorrectly

If you plan to use pesticides or traps in your home, you need to determine the type of pest you are dealing with. In most cases, you can easily identify roaches, spiders, ants, etc., but other pests are harder to figure out.

Determine the types of pests in your home by taking a picture of the pest and searching for it online. If you are still unable to identify the species, hire an exterminator.

3. Ignoring the Problem

There are different signs of pests, but they don’t always mean infestation. Regardless, it’s important to never ignore the problem. There really are people that overlook a pest issue in their home.

Some homeowners don’t know how to deal with the problem or have the wrong information about pests. Other homeowners believe that pests are normal and will go away on their own.

These ideas aren’t accurate. Ignoring a pest problem, even a small one, will only make it worse.

4. Using Unsafe Practices

Safe pest control practices are necessary for your health and the health of those living in your home.

Homeowners might turn to dangerous practices when they want pests out of their spaces fast. These aren’t worth it and are often ineffective.

Instead of completing DIY pest control, stay safe and hire experts that know what they are doing. A roach exterminator, for example, can eliminate this pest with safe and effective methods.

5. Not Cleaning the Exterior of Your Home

Damage from pests starts from the outdoors. Unkempt outdoor areas will welcome pests into your home.

In addition to keeping your interior clean, you should regularly clean your home’s exterior. Don’t leave trash, rotten food, or standing water outside of your home.

Keep your garden clean and tidy to prevent pests like rodents and ants from taking up residence there.

Residential Pest Control Errors to Avoid

It’s normal to see a pest in your home and panic. Instead of trying to eliminate pests on your own, hire a professional pest control service. This will ensure that you avoid these common residential pest control errors.

Use this guide as a reference. Don’t forget to keep coming back for more blogs like this on our website.

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