Should You Sell an Engagement Ring if The Relationship Doesn’t Work?


When you propose to a potential partner, you’re promising to be together forever. That doesn’t always work out the way people first think. No one foresees a breakup, calling off the wedding, or a divorce when down on one knee. But it is the reality for many couples.

So now the engagement, or even the entire marriage, is off. Now you don’t know what to do with the engagement ring. You certainly don’t want to keep wearing it or give it to the next person. So should you sell an engagement ring?

It might seem harsh and maybe even vindictive, but selling an old ring might actually be the best choice.

Release the Past

The engagement ring or wedding band is a symbol of your previous relationship, all the promises, and everything that person meant to you. Continuing to wear it, or even keep it around, can be a bad reminder of how things ended.

Keeping these mementos can lead you to hold onto the past and linger in bad feelings. Selling your engagement ring can be a way of releasing the past and all the memories associated with it.

Make a Little Money

When you sell diamond rings, you’re sure to make a bit of money. Many jewelers and consignment shops will pay good money even for a used engagement ring. Once sold, you’ll have cash on hand that you can use how you see fit.

Add it to your savings account or invest it. The money you make from the sale can be a real benefit and boost to your finances.

Have a Fresh Financial Start

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do? Start a business, go back to school, or pay off all of your debt. If you sell a diamond ring, you may get enough money to fund a fresh start.

And starting a new journey is a great way to bounce back after ending a long-term relationship. It’s a great way to invest in yourself.

Be Ready for a New Relationship

Because an engagement ring or a wedding band is a symbol of a past relationship, holding on to it often means that you might not be ready to move on. But selling the ring and getting it out of your possession can be the first step to opening yourself up emotionally.

Letting go of the previous relationship and the things that remind you of it will create the emotional room you need to find yourself or start something new with someone new.

Sell an Engagement Ring After Ending a Relationship

There are many reasons why one person or a couple may choose to end a relationship, even when there are rings involved. It comes down to no longer being with a partner that suits you, no matter what that reason is.

But then comes the question of what you should do with the rings. You may choose to sell the engagement ring or wedding band to help you move on and start a new life, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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