Why should even small businesses be concerned about information security?

Information security

The business infrastructure is completely changed these days with huge amounts of data storage, sophisticated software and fast networks. The technology advancements over the years have enhanced productivity and lessened the duration of time it takes to send goods and information to consumers.

However, along with the benefits e-commerce has also led to an increase in cybercrime. Information security threats have become quite common for businesses these days whether big or small. No business is successful until it has strong security measures.

Importance of Information Security for Small Businesses

Small business owners do not realize that information security is as important for them as it is for big businesses. Mostly, entrepreneurs think that their business is not as big as others so there is no risk they should be worried about. That is not the case. Instead, small businesses are the favorite for cyber criminals and hackers as they know that it will be easier to get to them.

It is said that there are two kinds of businesses. One that has already tasted a cyber attack and the other which is infected but yet has to discover. Hackers waste no time in taking the slightest chance to attack which is why it is very important that small businesses are cautious enough to implement information security measures.

Here are some reasons why small businesses need to have information security:

  1. Small businesses possess valuable information.

Hackers are mostly attracted to information ideas and data that usually small start-ups own. Small businesses have a treasure of customer information cache which includes debit and credit card details which hackers love to take advantage of. 

Cyber criminals are inclined towards the unique and innovative ideas that such businesses own which is why they are attracted towards them. In this case, if a business owner does not implement information security measures then the company would not prosper.

Data and information are valuable assets for any business and they must be kept protected and secure from cyber criminals and hackers.

  1. Small businesses mostly use web platforms and mobile applications.

What has opened more doors to cyber attacks is the increased use of web applications, huge amounts of data and mobile applications. The bigger corporations usually have a measured and protected way of conducting e-commerce activities. However, small business owners usually conduct e-commerce activities through web platforms and mobile applications. 

There is no problem in doing so, but there needs to be some measures that one must take to protect these platforms. One of the biggest mistakes that young entrepreneurs make is they connect to a Public Wi-Fi without owning a Virtual Private Network. This action gives an open invitation to cyber criminals. 

Small business owners must make sure they use a VPN before connecting to a Public Wi-Fi. A good VPN is a great tool that business owners can utilize for information security. Moreover, young entrepreneurs make a huge blunder when they configure their business emails on their personal email. 

  1. Small businesses are an easy target.

Small start-ups are vulnerable and cyber criminals and hackers are always on the lookout for them.  Bigger businesses usually have better security systems which is why hackers usually target the smaller ones.

Earlier it was the bigger businesses that were a target of such cyber crimes but now they have learnt their lesson and improved their information security and protection. This is why the cyber criminals have changed their target and are now focused on targeting small businesses.

  1. Small start-ups use Cloud services.

Cloud services have become a very common target for hackers and cyber criminals. Unfortunately, young entrepreneurs use cloud services because of their unmatched utility and inexpensiveness.

This increases the risks for small businesses and the need for enhanced information security.

  1. Information security increases productivity.

A productive business is what everyone is looking for. An unsafe and unprotected business is a big no-no for everyone these days. Therefore, enhanced information security measures have become a must. Moreover, the use of strategies for information security would increase the productivity of your business.

Along with security software, you can use other information technology services that help you with your business. For example, time tracking software, task and project management tools etc.

  1. Online security enhances marketing.

A successful business needs marketing. In this era, marketing is done through social platforms like Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook etc. If you do not have a secure connection all the information and data will be at risk and with just one cyber attack you will lose everything. 

Whereas, when you have all the data and information protected, you can perform your marketing strategies with peace of mind. This would not only increase the efficiency of your marketing strategy but also improve the sales.


Small businesses are vulnerable targets for cyber criminals and hackers which is why they need information security the most. By taking essential steps for protecting the valuable data and information, young entrepreneurs can grow their businesses and reach their success goals

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