What is an Electric Unicycle?


Urban landscapes are seeing electric vehicles becoming more visible, with scooters and electric bikes taking center stage. But there’s a much more common, but just as practical, mode of electric transport.

Electric Unicycles – What Are They?

Electric unicycles can be described as single-wheeled self-balancing transport vehicles. They are self-balancing and rely on gyrostabilisation for stability. Unicycles, also called EUCs/ BUs are self-balancing unicycles. They can be used for both domestic and social transport. An electric unicycle does not use pedals for power, but relies on a battery for forward propulsion.

 This makes it more efficient and faster. There are a few left-field EUC options, including seats and handlebars. But, as long as the vehicle uses a single-wheeled motor and is classified a unicycle, they can still be .An EUC might seem complicated to operate with only one wheel. While practice will still be helpful, the basics can be mastered by using the self-balancing technology.

What’s The Best Electric Unicycle Looking Like?

It is not necessary that the most powerful, fastest, and longest-ranged electric unicycle in the market be the best for you. It doesn’t matter whether manufacturers keep pushing the latest products to sell. To get more attention, they may announce their upgraded and more sophisticated specifications. Unicycles that are faster require larger motors, and larger batteries to sustain high speeds.

 As such, the support equipment is heavier. Some EUCs with speeds as high as 40mph can support a maximum of 30 to 45kg. It’s not easy to carry such a heavy weight each day. The best EUC you think is fastest might not be the most effective if you: use the device to get on and off the tube; the station does not have an escalator; or you live on the top floor in a building with only stairs.

You’ll need all the range and speed you can to get around an area without transport links. For those who live in densely populated areas and in cities with a lot of traffic, it’s important to have the ability to maintain a steady pace in order to get around. In these circumstances, the fastest and most distant EUC will not be a burden but a necessity.

Are Electric Unicycles Legal?

Your country’s highway laws will determine the location where your new EUC can be ridden. The UK has laws that make it illegal to ride a unicycle on the highway. Because of complex set laws, EUCs are classified as Personal Light Electric Vehicles. These types of vehicles can’t be used on roads or pavements and anyone caught riding them could face fines.

A legal use of a unicycle is only allowed on private property. This includes your own premises and private land. However, the UK government is now under greater pressure to review its laws concerning electric vehicles (e.g. scooters or unicycles) as a result of their rising popularity.


Why would you choose an electric unicycle to replace an electric skateboard? EUCs can travel more and faster. The learning curve is steeper, but this electric vehicle is great to commute on the green side or for adventure-seekers who want to speed down roads at high speeds.

If you are looking for an electric bike, take a look at our top picks. Remember to consider safety and speed as well as wheel size and cost. Many include Bluetooth speakers and other cool functions. 

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James Vines