A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Asana Pricing vs Trello Pricing


The purpose of project management software is to minimize the workload of team members and make it easier for them to communicate. It is used to assign tasks and make sure the asana pricing of the project is following the planned trajectory. However, it is not easy to find the right project management software for your business. With all the options available on the market, it can be a challenge to find the best fit for a project without wasting time. There are two platforms known for their ease of use and a comparison of Asana pricing vs Trello pricing can help us make the right choice. 

Asana and Trello offer a lot of features to businesses and help manage tasks in a straightforward manner. They also have free versions where users do not have to make any payment to use the basic features. Both platforms are known for their simple features but they are not alike in a lot of ways. The difference in their services will impact the decision of any user. We have done all the research and compiled it into a single article so it is easier for the users to buy the option that will fit in with their structure better. 

Key Differences Between Asana and Trello 

Although there are a lot of similarities between Asana software and Trello, the differences make them more distinct. Knowing how both fare in the customer support, reporting, and organization methods will help managers decide which option is better suited for their business. 

Customer Support 

Both platforms offer basic support options as well as an extensive online database with community forums to help users find the answer on their own. They can get in touch with a representative through email support or fill out a contact form. Asana is better than Trello because it offers more video demonstrations, free courses for new users, step-by-step tutorials, and a complete Asana Academy.  

Free Version 

When it comes to Asana pricing vs Trello pricing, it is important to talk about the free versions. Asana offers unlimited projects, tasks, messages, and file storage on the free plan but the number of users is limited to 15. Whereas Trello has a free plan which limits the number of boards to 10 per workspace. There have also been cases where users have lost their boards and data because of the change in the rules. It is important to upgrade to the paid plan if you do not want to be limited in board access. 


Comparing Asana pricing vs Trello pricing in terms of dollars reveals that Trello is less expensive. The highest pricing tier costs $12.50 per user while Asana costs users more than $30 per user per month. Although it is important to know all the details before you make a decision so continue reading to learn about the usability of each platform. 


Asana and Trello are task management tools that help teams break down physical boundaries and collaborate on projects. They use different methods to organize tasks because of the way they are built. While Asana relies on color-coding, calendars, templates, and lists to organize tasks, Trello uses the Kanban board. The software is more of a visual organizer and all the task cards are arranged according to the Kanban method. 


Asana software provides users access to basic reporting features and they can view the number of tasks, teams, and projects running on the platform. They can also track team engagement with the help of the software. Trello on the other hand does not have a reporting feature. 

Which One is Better? 

Trello and Asana are both leading project management software because of their competitive pricing, ease of use, and task tracking features. They both create project timelines that are easier to track. However, there are some differences in their pricing plans, feature sets, and organizational structures highlighted above which should help users choose between them. 

Trello software includes all the basic features needed for task management and it uses Kanban boards to create new projects or arrange the tasks. It is easier to create tasks and communicate the changes to everyone. Trello allows users to add comments on the card as well and it has power-ups that allow users to access features like Gantt charts or calendar views. 

Asana, on the other hand, has more than just the basic project management features. Managers can set up their teams, assign tasks, rearrange projects, and share updates with everyone in the organization. It helps users view the tasks in the form of a checklist, timeline, schedule or Kanban board. The software also has reporting capabilities that are not available on Trello. 

Asana Pricing vs Trello Pricing 

Asana has three different pricing plans including the free version. The highest tier in the structure costs $30.49 per user per month for the monthly billing model. Users can also get discounts if they opt for annual billing. Those who want advanced security features, customer support, and other services can contact Asana to get a customized enterprise quote. The company also offers a discount for non-profit organizations. 

Trello software has three pricing plans starting from $0 to $12.50 per user per month for those who are on the monthly payment system. Users can get discounts if they pay for the whole year upfront and there is an enterprise plan available for large businesses that want customizable permissions. The price depends on the number of users in an organization and can be anywhere between $7.38 and $17.50 per user per month. Trello has special discounts for educational institutes and nonprofit organizations. 

Asana Pros 

  • User-friendly 
  • Offers 200+ integrations 
  • Free version available 

Asana Cons 

  • Does not offer advanced features 
  • Limited reporting options 
  • Trello Pros 
  • Ease-of-use 
  • Many integrations option 
  • Visual organization 

Trello Cons 

  • Limited boards on the free plan 
  • No advanced options 
  • No reporting features 


The decision between Asana pricing vs Trello pricing depends on the requirements of the organization. Those who want Kanban boards should choose Trello but if you want advanced features then Asana is the better fit.

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James Vines