Top 7 Types of Advertising for Small Business

Top 7 Types of Advertising for Small Business

Did you know that, according to, there are over 400 million small enterprises worldwide, 400,000 of which are reported by to be located in the United Arab Emirates? This means that small business owners face intense competition on a global scale, especially when you take into account the larger corporations you must contend with locally.

Investing in a sort (or types!) of local advertising is one of the finest ways to make your small business stand out and attract more consumers. The top advertising and marketing agencies can be found in nations like the United Arab Emirates.

You can advertise your local business for free or for a fee in the sections below to attract attention, clients, and growth.

Ideas for free local advertising

Use these low-cost local advertising suggestions to attract new clients.

1. Get Customer-Reviews 

Another advantage of your Google Business Profile is that it enables you to gather reviews, which are essential to a successful local marketing approach. This makes it a powerful local advertising idea that your company should start using right away.

Because reviews rely on satisfied customers supporting your company and revealing the main reasons why people should select you over the competition, they can serve as free advertisements for your company.

People also trust online reviews. We are aware that nearly 95% of individuals read reviews before making a purchase and that 80% of people place as much faith in online reviews as they do in recommendations from friends or family.

2. Respond  to Customer-Reviews 

It’s crucial to reply to reviews after receiving them for your company. While responding to reviews is important for boosting client satisfaction, resolving grievances, and establishing trust with potential clients, digital advertising companies in Dubai also advise their clients to respond faster to client reviews because they understand that it may also serve as free marketing for your company.

You can emphasize points stated by your customers in your comments to favorable reviews to further highlight the benefits of your company for potential customers reading your evaluations.

Additionally, you have the chance to highlight any positive features of your company highlighted in the unfavorable review and demonstrate to people that you appreciate your consumers by reacting to negative reviews right away.

3. Make your Google Business Profile claimable and optimized.

Your Google Business Profile is a free resource for local marketing that can help your company be seen on Google in a few different places, including Google Maps, the 3-pack in Google Search, and the Knowledge Panel.

However, it is not the only method that your Google Business profile might assist you in attracting nearby clients. You may emphasize key features and boost client confidence by seeding the Q&A part of your Google Business Profile.

Additionally, you may add deals, events, pictures, and items to your profile to further attract customers to do business with you. 

This makes it a great local advertising technique to concentrate on because it provides searchers with immediate information that can motivate them to take action which they can do immediately from your Google Business listing.

Ideas for paid local advertising that produces high ROI

The most effective marketing and advertising plans utilize several media. To build on the success of your free strategies, try some of these paid advertising concepts.

4. Get seen with display advertising on popular websites.

For the most recent news and information, more people than ever before are looking to their dependable local media sources. In fact, it was predicted that local news websites would see a 35 percent rise in traffic in 2020. Display advertising can help your company reach these consumers and build brand awareness.

To attract local clients to your company’s landing page or another page on your website, display advertising places adverts on regional news websites and other websites all over the internet. Use display advertising to share who you are and what you do, advertise deals or specials, offer information that might be of interest to your local audience, or boost brand awareness.

5. Using branded content, establish your company as an authority.

Investing in branded content is another approach to reaching customers who read their local news publications. Branded content enables you to produce and market amusing, instructive, or informational content directly on a regional news source.

This establishes your company as an authority, raises consumer awareness of your brand, and may persuade customers to choose you over your rivals.

6. Make use of local search advertising

One of those proven strategies that have been a standard for most companies using any kind of internet marketing or promotion is search advertising. And there’s only one explanation: It works!

Local PPC places your company above organic search results on top search engines for queries relating to it, increasing the likelihood that users will click on it and get in touch with you.

By turning on location extensions in Google Ads, you can localize the targeting of your search campaigns. You can utilize local search advertisements to entice clients to contact, stop by your shop, or provide them with information about your company.

7. organize an event

Events encourage people to visit your business, which helps you sell your goods or services. This makes them a terrific local advertising strategy.

Your event may essentially be anything you want. It might be a celebration, exhibition, festival, workshop, anniversary sale, fundraising occasion, or webinar. There are several solutions available, and they don’t have to break the bank.

The first 100 guests to your event could receive a free coffee with a purchase or receive a discount of 15%  on a service or item. It doesn’t take much for people to have fun. Sometimes, all they truly want is a nice price and some free food.

In conclusion, there are many advertising and marketing companies in Dubai using these strategies. Prism Digital is one of them. so if you’re in need of digital marketing service or need a professional website for your business, visit our website or choose to have a free consultation with one of our experts.

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