6 Facebook Real Estate Marketing Strategies for Realtors

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The dawn of the internet has introduced several ways to expand and grow all kinds of businesses. With the introduction of social media, it has become more effortless to market businesses online. It has allowed companies to create awareness about the brand, generate leads, build authenticity, and engage with their consumers directly. 

One of the social media platforms, Facebook, has 1.92 billion daily active users. It is also estimated to be the most used social media platform worldwide, with an active 2.85 billion monthly users. 

The potential for you to reach a vast audience on Facebook is enormous. Almost 81.8% of this vast audience uses Facebook on their mobile phones. 

In this article, we’ll discuss; 6 effective Facebook real estate marketing strategies that any realtor or agent can use to render additional leads and grow their online presence.

  1. Run Digital Ads

Running digital ads has numerous advantages, and Facebook is the perfect platform for digital ads. There is a vast prospect of potential clients on Facebook; your ads must be specific, short, and crisp since, on average, a user spends only 33 minutes of their time on Facebook. It is estimated that the average conversion rate of ads on Facebook across all industries is 9.21%. This shows that almost 10% of your ad viewer might be converted to your customers. 

Running an ad campaign on Facebook will help create awareness about your real estate. Showcasing your work in your ads helps create authenticity. Real estate Facebook marketing strategies can potentially convert the leads generated immensely if the ads are targeted accurately. 

  • Showcase Property With Beautiful Pictures & Videos

The picture and the text wrap up and engulf the concept of an advertisement on Facebook. Real estate is a high-involvement purchase, bought after making a proper decision by the purchaser owing it to be an asset. To convert your leads, you need to click beautiful pictures of your property with captivating captions to attract potential clients.

15% of all the content on Facebook is video content, uploading well-directed, lucent, and good sound quality videos of your real estate becomes another way of Facebook marketing for real estate agents. The optimal video length must be between 2 to 5 minutes since they generate more engagement. Showcasing your real estate on a video creates trust among interested clients, thus giving an edge over other real estate properties.

  3.Run Contents to Increase Engagement

Facebook is a great platform to get in touch with your clients and engage with them. You can run contests and announce a prize for the winner. The more outstanding the award will be, the greater will be the engagement. Here are some ideas that you can use to run some contests:

  1. Best Caption Contest: You can post a picture and announce the winner who comments on the best caption. You can decide the winner or let the audience decide by saying the most liked comment wins.
  2. Comment Contest: You can post a picture about your real estate and ask the audience to find something hidden by commenting, and whoever finds all the hidden things first will win.
  3. Meme Contest: You can ask the audience to make a meme after providing them with a template, and the best meme with the most likes wins.
  4. Deliver Updates on Developments

Facebook is the best social media app for posting updates via pictures or videos along with big captions. You can post a blog with a photo of any new updates on developments that you are constructing. Providing these updates to the audience adds to the goodwill and reputation of your organization and increases trustworthiness. 

You also have the option of text overlays; you can post a picture covering twenty per cent of the image with text. Writing subtle trendy buzzwords attracts views and increases engagement.

  • Provide Tours of The Property

Posting videos and photos about your real estate property will attract several audience members, most of whom would want to visit the property. Post on your Facebook that you will be providing tours of the property on a particular day and ask interested customers to fill out a google form so that you can keep a tab on how many will attend the tour. 

Or you can provide an individual tour of the property by asking the client to book a date and take a look.

  • Build Trust and Get in Touch with the Customers

Facebook advertising for realtors has allowed them to get in touch with their customers directly. In this way, the realtors can build trust by showcasing their works and keeping their customers up to date regarding the property. Constantly being in touch with the customers makes the customers feel acknowledged and grows loyalty for the organization. 


It is estimated that India is the only country with the most extensive Facebook user base in the world, with 340 million active users. This expresses a lot about how a large pool of consumers needs to be shown the real estate that is up for grabs.        

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