Top 5 HYT Watches That Are Worth Buying


Relatively new to the watch industry, HYT is the first brand to use fluid mechanisms to tell time. It pioneered timekeeping technology with a patented micro-fluid module that works through a liquid-based display. Founded in 2012, this brand is the first to utilize two flexible reservoirs where a liquid is stored and attached capillaries through which the liquid moves to determine time.

From its inception in 2012, HYT has brought something extraordinary to the watch industry. Its collections are among the most premium timepieces in the world. Each watch comes with a high-end mechanical movement that works with the immiscible liquids to tell accurate time. Hence, an HYT watch is worth buying, and here are the reasons why:

HYT H0 Time is Precious

The H0 collection is probably the most whimsical series of HYT timepieces with modern aesthetics and deep-rooted technical expertise. It used precious metals to highlight the contrast between the extremely diligent scientific method behind HYT’s technology and its value in the world of antiquity. 

Time is Precious has a one-of-a-kind dial made of a fragmented monocrystalline silicon plate with laser-cut marquetry that dominates the entire watch. It features stainless steel with 63 highly polished facets, each tilted slightly, resembles a broken mirror, and puts on a spectacular natural light show as it catches reflections. Moreover, this 48.8 mm in diameter watch has a new redesigned case that limits the use of metal and maximizes the shape and size of the sapphire crystal. Indeed, it is a reminder of time’s unstoppable flow and symbolizes art and science. 

HYT H2 Full Gun

First revealed in 2013, the H2 is the second series of models from HYT. It also features the pumping liquid formula but situates the pumps in a V-shape, which reminds of the engine cylinders. Also, this collection has the most maximalist interpretation of the brand’s aesthetic. The timepieces from this lineup push the technology to its limit and are statement makers.

The Full Gun includes additional horological flourishes that separate it from the other HYT watches. It features a movement engineered in partnership with Audemars Piguet Renaud Papi. In addition, HYT has added a thermal indicator at the 9 o’clock mark that tells you if it is functioning in its optimal temperature segment. There is also an indicator at the 3 o’clock mark, which is a mechanical expression of the crown’s status, whether it is unscrewed or not in the winding position. Lastly, the large central minute hand is a jumping one, making it a cool horological trick.

HYT H1 Iceberg 2

As part of the HYT H1 collection, the Iceberg 2 is an introduction to telling time using the brand’s unique hand-winding mechanical movement. It features a dramatic and pretty color combination that is also sporty but refined and will make a statement at any time. Truly, it is nothing short of spectacular.

The dial of the Iceberg 2 is circled by the hours’ track. Along this track is a blue fluid pushed by the mechanical bellows through a tube, and where the fluid stops, you have your hour indication. The minutes are recorded on the traditional dial at 12 o’clock. Furthermore, its massive case is satin finished titanium, with a pronounced crown guard and rubber-clad crown topped off with a domed sapphire crystal and sculpted three-dimensional features beneath. The dial is paired back to show a silvery chapter ring around the edge with applied numerals and luminous indices. 

HYT H2.0 Time is Fluid

If you are into sporty types of watches, the HYT H2.0 collection is perfect for you. There are plenty of details that make each timepiece from this lineup special. Dubbed Time is Fluid, it consists of a three-dimensional design language, which is a signature feature of a product committed to presenting time as a spatial entity from all angles.

The guilloche work on the base plate and the dial is a stunning counterpoint to the ultramodern hydro-mechanical movement. Its rubber strap and soft case lines with accents of light green along the flange give this timepiece an unusually natural vibe. Centuries of horological tradition have been evident in this watch, so it is truly a masterpiece. And you can even wear it casually or anywhere you want to go!

HYT H4 Alinghi

Yet another best HYT watch that is worth buying is the H4 Alinghi. This lineup is the evolution of the H1, and it appeals more to adolescent timepiece lovers. It has the same hydro-mechanical movement but with a few twists. 

The Alinghi is black and red and has no real dial, but the movement is covered by a sapphire crystal on which the indications are printed, allowing for a view into the innards of the movement. Additionally, it features a little built-in flashlight. The second crown at 4 o’clock activates a small LED light that lights up the dial and the open-worked movement from the bottom. 

Where to Buy HYT Watches

If you want to get a hold of the HYT watches, make a transaction with an authorized retailer. Various stores sell replicas these days, so be very cautious and ensure that you only transact with a legit seller. HYT timepieces do not come at cheap prices, thus do your research and avoid getting fake items. Go to trusted watch stores near you and buy any HYT watch model you want!


HYT might be a young player in the watch world. However, it proves that being new to this industry does not stop it from creating state-of-the-art and top-quality timepieces. This brand is a perfect example of harmonizing science with art to bring a one-of-a-kind experience to every watch lover from across the globe. Hence, if you have been eyeing this brand for a long time now, this is the best time to buy yours. These top watches specified above are truly worth every penny, so check them out today and be amazed by their excellent craftsmanship and extraordinary designs!

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