The Future of Workplaces and Job Roles


What Do the Next 10 Years Have in Store for Job Seekers?

Thinking about 10 years from now, one would probably imagine the world to be a place with everything digitalized and automated and possibly run by robots. There are endless possibilities in this ever-advancing world and the fast pace it is changing at. The possibility of technology killing jobs is scary and thrilling at the same time if you think about how humans could be largely unemployed or how if the world becomes so technologically advanced that we never have to worry about jobs anymore.  

Looking at where we’re standing now, technology definitely made the world better and a lot easier with the advancements of various gadgets and devices. With digital cameras and mobile phones changing the traditional way of photography and new telecommunication advancements like the innovative Spectrum internet prices, the era we live in has already become too advanced to think of what the next 10 years have in store for us.

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Changing Management Roles

There are many new realities that managers would have to face now in this technologically advanced world. Many employees working in a hybrid world have a choice of where, how, and when they work, hence a lot of pressure is added to the managerial roles. Moreover, the number of employees working under a single manager will be sky-high, making it difficult for the manager to oversee. So, instead of hiring managers based on their evaluation and managerial abilities, HR will most likely hire managers that will be empathetic, creative, and will be great coaches, paying hands-on assistance to their employees.

Workplace Preference

The future of work involves a lot of things going in favor of the employees be it their preference of work location or the amount of work they are willing to do in a day. In the future workers will get to decide where they want to work depending on how quiet a workplace is according to their liking and this will consequently eliminate the concept of assigned seating altogether. Workers will be allowed to sit and work wherever they want to and have their own simulated office, diminishing the idea of physical desks.

Divided Leadership

With the future giving everyone the opportunity of being vocal about their ideas and stepping up for what they believe in, everyone will be a leader which will gradually demolish the hierarchy. Instead of projects and work assignments being run by dictators and leaders, people will prefer working in teams and hence everyone will be given the opportunity to put forward their ideas instead of being directed by one specific member.  

Wellness Offices

More attention will be paid to how healthy and non-toxic the environment is for their employees and hence every aspect of comfort be it sleeping pods, better lighting, meditation spots, nap times, music, or allowing pets or kids at work, will be taken into consideration and will consequently be added to provide a healthier working environment. Physical and psychological health will be prioritized, resulting in better-performing individuals.

Smaller Organizations

Instead of several giant companies, there will be smaller individual organizations that will bring about vast opportunities for collaboration with other organizations. The future demands better communication, collaboration, and creativity in order for an organization to thrive.

Robotic Assistance

All the employees will be given the assistance of robots like Siri or Alexa to deal with all sorts of day-to-day tasks like sorting out emails, creating spreadsheets, organizing files, or scheduling meetings. With robots assisting in all these tasks and making it much easier, certain employees might not have job roles anymore.   

The prospect of technology taking jobs away is frightening and exciting when you consider how people are likely to be unemployed for a large portion of the time or how our world becomes so technologically advanced that we don’t need to think about jobs for a long time.

Digital Agility

In the future, instead of looking for employees with the highest number of experiences, organizations will look to hire people that have the skill to work cognitively, creatively, and have digital agility. The ever-growing digital world demands innovation, expansions, and ideas that direct towards better new ventures, hence artificial intelligence and digital agility will be the top required attributes of any candidate that acquires jobs in the future.


Digitalization will replace all the traditional methods of working which will consequently lead to people with more digital efficacy being hired than people with other skills. The future holds the possibility of a lesser manual workforce and more robots taking over workplaces. Job roles will shift tremendously with lesser managers, more digital workers, and a drastic decrease in the HR workforce. Moreover, managerial roles will almost be minimized giving all employees equal opportunity to put forward ideas.

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Kamal Pandey