The Delightful Cuisine Of The Philippines

Cuisine Of The Philippines

The many islands of the Philippines comprise one of Southeast Asia’s most beautiful and friendly countries, a warm land full of warm people who welcome visitors as if they were one of the family. The Philippines has a long and fascinating history, having been occupied by the Spanish and the Japanese over the centuries before their close allies the Americans liberated them at the end of World War II and they took their rightful place as an independent world nation.

Now Manila shines as a bright economic and cultural star in the region, a world capital that retains its traditional charms. If you are lucky enough to come for a visit, be sure to stay in an excellent hotel 5-star in Manila so you can experience the country’s famed hospitality and soak in the unique style. Regarding the old colonial days, they were definitely a difficult time, but they did leave behind some positive effects on the country’s architecture, arts, and cuisine! The food of the Philippines is like no other, and simply must be experienced! Here are some of the island nation’s most treasured delicacies:

Adobo – Some call this the unofficial national dish of the Philippines, and with good reason, everyone loves it! You can make Adobo from a variety of chopped meat like chicken, pork, or beef. Pour the piquant sauce over the meat and simmer until it’s deliciously soft. When it’s ready, serve Adobo on rice with a tart green mango salad!

Isaw – This unusual, but very tasty street food consists of the carefully cleaned and boiled intestine of a chicken or pig which is pierced with a bamboo stick and grilled! When they are nice and crispy, pour onion vinegar on them and enjoy their one-of-a-kind texture and taste! They really are good, just try one!

Palabok – Cook rice noodles until they are nicely soft, then smother them in a thin gravy made from shrimp or pork mixed with lots of garlic and onions. The scrumptious results are served with hard-boiled eggs. More please!

Sinigang – A meat stock broth made from whatever you prefer, chicken, fish, pork, or beef, is gently simmered with tamarind fruit to create a savoury and sour soup. Add carrots, onions, and tomatoes to finish this mouthwatering concoction!

Kwek Kwek – Dip tiny boiled quail eggs in uniquely orange-hued gram flour, then throw them in the hot oil until they become crispy golden nuggets. Kwek Kwek are served sprinkled with onion and chilli flakes, and tart vinegar sauce to make bite-sized delights!

Turon – It’s time for some dessert! This vegetarian speciality is made from banana sliced into rounds then covered with melted caramel and rolled into something resembling a crepe. This is then deep fried until golden, making a sweet and crunchy treat you won’t be able to stop eating until they are all gone!

There you have it, some of the best food the Philippines has to offer the fortunate traveller who sets foot on her friendly shores! Now, let’s say “Kain na!“, Tagalog for “Let’s eat!”

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