The Best Tennis Court Lighting Solution Guide 2022


If you’re looking to keep your tennis court lit up like the pros, this guide is for you. We’ll walk through all of the different types of tennis court lighting fixtures from pole mounts and LED wall packs to shoebox light fixtures and perimeter lights. If you want to know more about why lighting is important for tennis courts or what type of fixture might work best for your facility, keep reading!

Why Is Tennis Court Lighting Important

  • Safety: Tennis court lighting is a must for any tennis court. The reason for this is because of the visibility issues on the court and with the ball. If there are no lights, then you will not be able to see where you are going or where your opponent is going to hit their ball at all times. This can lead to serious accidents and injuries which could have been avoided if proper lighting was available on the court.
  • Seeing The Ball: Another reason why tennis court lighting is important because it allows players to see what type of spin their opponent put on their next serve or volley into play after they receive it back from an earlier hit off theirs own serve into play as well as during doubles matches where two people may each have one side lit up while another has none due so this creates confusion among them trying figure out which direction they need go towards before hitting back over top again – otherwise known as “ball tracking” techniques such as this one makes sure there isn’t any confusion about what direction should be taken next (remembering also that most surfaces lose bounces quite easily since air resistance makes them slow down much faster than most other sports).

What Types of Tennis Court Lighting Are There?

There are several types of tennis court lighting fixtures. Each type can be used for a variety of different applications, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Some types of fixtures are better than others in certain situations, so it’s important to choose wisely when purchasing your new tennis court light fixtures.

Why is it important to choose wisely? Well, if you buy the wrong fixture for your application, then it might not work properly or worse yet: it might not work at all! That would be frustrating to say the least – especially when considering how much money you just spent on these things!

I. Post Top Tennis Court Lighting Fixtures

Post top tennis court lighting fixtures are the most common type of tennis court lighting fixture. They are mounted on top of the posts and are an excellent choice for illuminating a tennis court. They provide great visibility, ensuring that you can see everything that is going on during play.

Post top tennis court lights can be used in conjunction with a variety of different types of lights, including LED and fluorescent bulbs. Post top fixtures are generally more energy efficient than pole mounted fixtures, because they don’t require as much power to operate them or cool them down after they have been turned off for extended periods of time (e.g., weekends).

The main downside to post-mounted lighting is their price tag—they’re usually quite expensive to purchase and install compared with other types of fixtures like pole-mounted ones or wall-mounted ones. However if you want to go big then this solution could be perfect!

II. Tennis Court Pole Lighting Fixtures

Pole lights are mounted on the court poles and can be used to light up the whole court. These are commonly used for tennis courts, especially at night when there is no time for installation of other types of lighting. Pole lights are more expensive compared to other types of tennis court lighting solutions, but they provide a stable source of light and can last for years if properly maintained.

The poles should be high enough so that ball players don’t have any trouble seeing them clearly during gameplay. They also need to be visible from all corners of the court, so it’s better if your poles aren’t too far away from one another (ideally 1-2 meters apart).

III. LED Wall Packs For Tennis Courts

LED wall packs are a great choice for tennis courts because they provide a lot of light and are energy efficient. They can be mounted on the perimeter of the court, on the back wall of the court or above the net.

An LED wall pack is made up of 4”x8” LED lights that produce high lumen output in a small area. These fixtures are usually attached to aluminum extrusions that have hangers on them for easy mounting.

IV. LED Shoebox Light Fixtures for Tennis Courts

LED Shoebox Light Fixtures are a great option for tennis courts. These fixtures make it easy to illuminate a tennis court or other sports field, and they can be used in conjunction with any type of lighting system.

They offer many features that make them an ideal choice for tennis courts:

·         LED shoebox light fixtures are durable and long lasting. They will last up to 50,000 hours before needing replacement! So you won’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon!

V. LED Flood Lights for Tennis Courts

The best solution for tennis court lighting is the use of LED lights.  LED flood lights are used to illuminate the tennis court, especially at night. LED flood lights provide a more even light across the court and have no glare when looking directly into them. A single flood light can illuminate the entire court, while others may be added to create a more targeted effect. Flood lights are versatile enough to be used indoors or out and in any season.

VI. Tennis Court Perimeter Lights

Perimeter lights are used to illuminate the edges of the court. These lights can be used to increase visibility around the court, which can help with safety. Perimeter lights are typically installed on poles along each edge of a tennis court and will provide added lighting for players and spectators alike.

Perimeter lights are usually mounted at heights ranging from 6-8 feet above ground level, depending on how many poles you choose to install. If you’re looking for perimeter lights that come with an installation kit but don’t want to splurge on all new equipment, there is an alternative option: retrofitting your existing poles! If you decide this route is best for your budget and needs, it’s important that all electrical work is done by a licensed electrician who works in accordance with local building codes

There are many different types of tennis court lighting fixtures that you can choose from, so it’s important to do your research so you know what’s available and can make the best decision for your court.

·         You can choose between fluorescent lights or LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs. Fluorescent tennis court lights are more affordable, but they have a shorter lifespan than LED fixtures, which last longer and use less energy. They also produce less heat than fluorescent bulbs do and don’t contain mercury – making them safe to use around children and pets.

·         Another important thing when choosing your tennis court lighting is knowing how much light will be needed on the surface itself: whether you want more intensity in one area or being spread evenly throughout the whole court area is up to your preference! If there isn’t enough light then skittles may become difficult while if too much light then visibility becomes compromised leading into injuries such as eye damage due to overexposure levels being too high (especially during early morning hours).

So, that’s the end of our guide to tennis court lighting. We hope that you found it helpful and informative, and now have a better understanding of what options are out there for your tennis court!

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