The Best Hiking Trails in Colorado


Are you looking for a great way to stay active while enjoying the great outdoors? If so, hiking is an ideal option due to the many benefits this activity offers.

However, knowing where to start can be a challenge. With dozens of Colorado hiking trails to choose from, you may end up on a trail that’s far too difficult or dangerous. Researching before your trek is crucial.

If you’re looking for hiking trails in Colorado, keep reading. This guide will provide information about the different hikes, including popularity, difficulty, and scenery.

Emerald Lake

One of the best hiking trails in the state is the Emerald Lake hike. Located in Rocky Mountain National Park, the trail around Emerald Lake is a popular option for many tourists and new adventurers.

This is due to the easy rating of the trail, short distance – three and a half miles roundtrip – and stunning scenery. However, beware that many first-timers and amateur hikers frequent this trail.

Fern Falls

Another hike within Rocky Mountain National Park, Fern Falls is a moderate trail that follows along the Big Thompson River. Whether you’re stopping on your way to or from Boulder, keeping the complete adventure guide on hand can elevate your exploration.

This scenic hike brings you to the waterfalls that crash over trees and moss to create a stunning misty effect. You can continue up the trail to Fern Lake, making this trail 5.2 miles around.

Hanging Lake

A more difficult trail, the Hanging Lake hike is located in the Glenwood Canyon in the White River National Forest. What makes this hike beautiful and difficult is the steep elevation gain hikers will endure to reach the lake.

This is another popular hike due to the beautiful scenery you can find along the way, such as bridges that offer stunning views of waterfalls. Once you reach the lake, you’ll want to remain respectful and cautious not to disturb or contaminate the delicate ecosystem.

Be advised that you will need a cheap permit to access the hike before you’ll be allowed on the trail.

Star Dune

If you’re looking for a hike like no other, Star Dune is a great option. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that this hike is not like traditional forest hiking, so you’ll need to be an expert in outdoor survival to tackle the trail to the summit.

It can take up to nine hours hiking in Colorado on the Star Dune trail, depending on the weather and your acclimation to the thin Colorado air. This trail is challenging but rewarding, thanks to the unusual and unique species residing in this location.

Enjoy the Most Beautiful Hiking Trails in Colorado

Whether you’re planning your first hiking trip or an expert unsure where to hike in Colorado during your visit, keeping this guide in mind can help you find your new favorite trail.

If you’re ready to explore the most stunning hiking trails in Colorado, thanks to this guide, you’ll want to check out the rest of our website. There, you’ll find more of the best travel tips and tricks to help you become an expert.

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