8 Best Cities for Starting an Airbnb


There’s a reason why Airbnb is worth $47 billion in value. This short-term vacation rental has attracted an enormous range of young tourists. This has created a lot of value for both the company and the hosts.

If you’re considering starting an Airbnb, you’re likely researching how viable your property is. This is important because the city where your property is located will play a big factor in determining how popular the rental is.

That’s why we wrote this article. In it, we’ll be exploring the top eight best cities for starting an Airbnb.

That way, you can decide if it’s the right decision. Let’s get started!

1. Austin

There are a lot of reasons why Austin, Texas, is one of the most profitable Airbnb cities for starting a rental. First, there’s the fact that it’s one of the music capitals of the United States.

Austin City Limits, South By Southwest, and Austin Urban Music Festival are just some of the events that draw tourists. On top of that, there are also excellent food options in Austin.

The proximity to Mexico means you’ll get the fantastic Tex-Mex you can expect from the Lone Star State.

But you also have a burgeoning culinary scene that attracts foodies from all over the world. This makes it a great place to invest in Airbnb properties.

2. Boston

Boston is known for attracting a wide range of tourists. For starters, there’s the history crowd that wants to visit the many sites in one of America’s oldest historic cities.

Then, you have the sports nuts that want to catch a baseball game at Fenway Park or run the Boston Marathon. On top of that, there are universities like Harvard, MIT, and Emerson that attract thousands of parents and alumni looking for places to stay.

All of these conditions make it fantastic marketing for people looking to start an Airbnb. You’ll have no problem finding people throughout the year.

3. Forks

Forks, Washington, is the rainiest town in the United States. So, what makes it such a great town for Airbnb properties? Well, for starters, the Twilight films take place in Forks.

Because of this, you’ll often get die-hard fans making pilgrimages to the town. On top of that, there are also stunning trees and mountain environments to enjoy.

It’s an outdoor lover’s dream which makes it a heavily sought-after for Airbnb rentals.

4. Miami

Like all good Airbnb cities, Miami appeals to multiple demographics. First, there are the beachgoers that come for the pristine beaches. Next, there are the partiers that come for spring break and nightlife culture.

Lastly, there are the foodies that want to try all the delicious Cuban-style food. This, along with the year-long good weather, makes it a profitable location for Airbnb properties.

The only problem is that potential hurricanes can damage your property. But, as long as you invest in good home insurance, you should be fine.

5. Breckenridge

Breckenridge, Colorado, is known for its winter skiing. This makes it a hot Airbnb market during the winter. However, unlike many other skiing towns, Breckenridge isn’t just profitable during the winter.

Hiking, outdoor fishing, mountain biking, and boating make this a popular vacation destination all year round.

This makes it a great option for people who want to profit off a popular ski town while still making some money throughout the rest of the year.

6. New Orleans

Airbnb in New Orleans typically revolves around one two-week period: Mardi Gras. This two-week-long celebration captures the spirit of the city and attracts millions of visitors.

However, if you own Airbnb property in New Orleans, don’t panic. There are still plenty of other events that attract visitors.

The New Orleans Food & Wine Experience, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, and the Essence Festival are just some of the things you can look forward to as a host.

When you combine this with fantastic food, music, and atmosphere year-round, you’ll have a hard time not staying booked.

7. Memphis

Memphis, Tennessee is the perfect city for potential Airbnb investors. For starters, it’s a big music city with a lot of history (Elvis Presley’s Graceland home is found in the city).

This makes it a popular draw for many music tourists. On top of that, low property taxes and cheap home prices make it extremely easy to invest. So, it’s a good market for people looking for cities to start an Airbnb in.

If you want to learn more reasons to invest in Memphis real estate, make sure to have a look at this article here.

8. Las Vegas

It turns out that owning rental property in the entertainment capital of the world is a pretty good idea. Typically, people will stay at hotels or motels in Vegas while visiting the casinos and shows.

However, this option has its drawbacks. For one thing, it’s incredibly expensive, especially if you want a luxury experience. It’s also loud with little to no variation.

Because of this, many people look to save some money with a new experience by renting an Airbnb away from The Strip. That way, they can take advantage of the incredible nightlife while still enjoying a relaxing vacation.

Plus, Airbnb homes are better for exploring the unique food and wildlife scene in Vegas’s surrounding areas.

Appreciate Learning About Good Cities for Starting an Airbnb?

We hope this article helped you learn if your city is good for starting an Airbnb. If your city is on this list, then it’s almost always a good idea to start hosting through Airbnb.

However, even if your city isn’t present, you should still consider it. As long as your property is found in a city that gets some degree of tourism, you still might be able to make a good profit.

Want more topics about real estate? If so, you’re in the right place. Keep exploring to find dozens of similar articles to enjoy.

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