The 6 Major Types of Private Jets

Private Jets

Private aviation has become wildly popular and when people think of private jets, they no longer think of the huge and luxurious aircrafts used by the wealthy.

Private jets can actually be affordable, depending on your needs. However, there are a number of factors to look for when choosing the right place. Cost, speed, comfort, and privacy are just a few examples.

They come in a variety of sizes, suited to transport small groups of people, from as low as 4-6, upto 50 people depending on the jet.

There are mainly six popular categories of private jets, each suited for different purposes, so let’s take a closer look.

Very Light Jet (VLJ)

Very Light Jets, or VLJs are the smallest types of private jets that only have 4-5 seats. They are designed with a focus on speed and easy flying, so they’re best suited for air taxi operators or owners who want to fly themselves on trips with their families or friends. The HondaJet, Cirrus Jet, and Cessna Citation Mustang are a few popular examples.

Light Jet

Light jets are a bit spacier than VLJs, typically holding around 6-8 people. They are an ideal option for larger trips as they offer more cabin space, comfortability, and luggage space.

These are made by most of the main business jet manufacturers like Hawker, Cessna Citation, and Learjet. Light jets like the Hawker 400XP and the Dassault Falcon 10 are fairly common.

Midsize Jet

Midsize jets are the smallest cabin jets that offer stand-up headspace. They also have plenty of amenities like lavatories and galleys and are usually served by a flight attendant. They can hold around 10 passengers.

If you can’t afford the jet, opt for temporary options like the Hawker 800XP Jet Membership. Other examples of midsize jets are the Cessna Citation Latitude and the Learjet 60.

Heavy Business Jet

Heavy business jets are what people mention when they talk about first-class accommodations and have improved flight operations. These jets can handle upto 6000 km of flying and can hold 19 passengers. Most have all of the usual luxuries, while some even include on board entertainment systems, dining areas, etc.

The Cessna Citation Sovereign and the Gulfstream G350 are some popular examples of heavy business jets.

Ultra-Long Range Jet

For an even longer range, the ultra-long range jet with a passenger capacity of about 19 and a range over 10,000 km, is the best option. This type has the highest level of comfort of all private jets in this size range. It has features like large TVs, king size beds, personal bathrooms, areas for dining, work, entertainment, etc.

There are tons of popular ultra-long range jets, like the Dassault Falcon 7X and the Bombardier Global 7500.

Executive Airliner

Executive airliners are typically converted from retired commercial airliners or purpose-built. Often called bizliners, these jets are the largest and usually most expensive type of private jet. They can go as big as having enough space for upto 50 passengers and includes suite-style living quarters, luxury showers, conference rooms, etc.

Two of the best and well-known executive airliners are the Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) and the Airbus Corporate Jet (ACJ).

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