Telegram Launches A Marketplace To Auction Rare Username Handles

Telegram Launches A Marketplace To Auction Rare Username Handles

The cryptocurrency market has been accumulating a huge share of the financial assets market. The Blockchain network is efficient and reliable at the same time. Considering all these positive factors of the Crypto market, investors are opting for these assets over conventional assets. And, if you trade in Cryptocurrencies then visit the official trading website. 

In recent times, Telegram announced that it will launch a fresh marketplace for auction. This famous social platform will auction rare user handles. And, this will take place on the Blockchain network of TON. What impacts will it have on the entire Cryptocurrency market and community will be important to watch? 

Announcement By Telegram On This Matter

The famous platform, Telegram made this announcement on the 26th of October. Meanwhile, the launch of this platform’s fresh marketplace took place. It has its base on the Blockchain of TON. In this marketplace, you will be able to buy some distinct usernames. These usernames will be available on auction in this marketplace. 

Pavel Durov, founder of this application made this announcement first on his channel in August. This idea is a result of the successful auctioning off of the DNS domains by the TON Foundation. After this successful auction, the platform is now planning to launch the marketplace. 

Process Of The Auction

In the case of this auction, there will be a certain process to carry out the similar. The platform will initiate the auction with 4 and 5-lettered usernames. This is the initial time when Telegram will auction short usernames. You can buy these unique usernames which are in a shorter format. 

The platform will organize this auction for 1 week. You can buy the interested usernames within this period. The minimum rate of these usernames will be around 10,000 Toncoin for 4-lettered usernames. You can buy these with the help of Toncoin as it is the native token of this Blockchain network. 

Also, if you have individual channels on Telegram, you can sell your usernames in this auction. And, it was mentioned in the announcement that owners having personal channels will have some options. They can shift and resell all their purchases in different marketplaces as they want to. 

This step will be quite helpful in the growth of this Blockchain network. Another founding member of this foundation, Andrew Rogozov believes that this auction will have a positive impact on the growth of the network. Also, there will be mass adoption of Blockchain. He further adds that users will now be able to show with much transparency that they are the owner of their usernames. 

Earn High Gains With Personal Handles

With the new announcement by Telegram’s founder, the application may reach new heights. This app is quite famous among the Crypto community. And with this fresh step, there will be a fresh revenue source for the users. 

These username’s auctions will be for handles like @royal or others that have 4 letters. The usernames that have some catchy handles are eligible for this auction. 

With this step by the founders of Telegram, you have the chance of earning high profits. You can earn money just by transferring your account to interested buyers. All these transfers will take place in secured deals. This feature makes these deals a safe and secure option. 

In the world of Web3, monetization of handles is becoming quite popular. After the successful results of selling wallet names TON, the founder of Telegram thought of doing the similar. Telegram has a huge follower base, which accounts for more than 700 million. With this, he wants to add the essence of Web3 to Telegram. 

Big Business Technique

With the huge user base of this platform and the inclusion of the elements of Web3 in Telegram, it will have huge potential. There will now be features of Web3 in Telegram for Crypto enthusiasts. 

It had to go through a long phase before launching this foundation. In April of this year, the platform released its Wallet Bot. With this wallet, you can now transfer Cryptocurrency within the app. This wallet is built on the Blockchain of TON. 


This auction will be a great option for earning profits with your username alone. Also, the step will boost the growth of Telegram. 

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