Special Turning red and Legendary Pokemon Coloring Pages

Legendary Pokemon Coloring Pages

Do you believe it? “Children can color funny pictures for hours without getting bored.” It is an excellent activity to meet the needs of children. Coloring pictures are diverse and always attracted by lovely drawings, Colorful and outstanding crayons make children curious.

Coloring activities are both serving the needs of children and helping them develop more comprehensively. We introduce your baby to new themes in our collection of coloring pages. Turning red and Legendary Pokemon Coloring Pages will bring joy to children.

Turning red coloring pages: A meaningful family story of a teenage girl

Turning red coloring pages

Printable Turning red coloring sheets

Turning red depicts a rebellious image of Mei and her friends

Pixar and Disney are famous for their moving and tear-inducing animated films. Movies always revolve around family, love, friendship, and life. Recently, Pixar has achieved great success when giving the audience a new and attractive film theme. It is a story about puberty, a topic that children and adults need to care about.

Turning Red opens with the story of Merlin Lee – a girl born in a Chinese family but settled in Toronto (Canada). Unlike her peers, Merlin is an academic student who is always at the top of her class in all subjects and is “the daughter of the people in legend.” Not only that, after school, she quickly went home to clean the Lee family church and, together with her mother, took care of this sacred temple for many generations.

But suddenly, one day, puberty came unexpectedly, causing her to turn into a red bear – the mascot that the Lee family always worships. Since then, Merlin has faced many troubles. With the help of a group of close friends at school, Merlin will have to learn how to overcome the bear inside of her and return to everyday life.

Turning red is a cartoon that attracts audiences of all ages

Turning Red’s story is inherently quite simple but makes us feel interesting. Firstly, the content is quite suitable for even young audiences to understand, especially the message part. Besides, the film also installs very gentle and subtle metaphors, such as Merlin’s Red Panda, which symbolizes a girl’s rebellious age and puberty. Not only Merlin has, but all the women in the family have.

Along with that is the bold Asian story of the Lee family. From the film’s beginning, little Merlin aspires to be the perfect person, excels at school, and is her mother’s expectation. It is an Asian story of the Lee family. 

Turning red coloring pages are unique cartoon pictures

When creating Turning red coloring pages, we were excited that this is a gift for parents and children. Turning red coloring pages are excellent pictures of cartoon characters such as Mei Lee, Priya, Ming, or the image of a red panda. We believe these will be the cutest cartoon images your baby has ever seen.

Through Turning red coloring sheets, children will learn, have fun and experience the joy of coloring. Coloring is considered a valuable and exciting activity; we always encourage parents to play paint with their children to connect emotionally and create happy moments with the family. Children can also color with their friends to feel the joy that color brings.

Coloring activities will help children practice basic skills such as forming crayons, using crayons on paper, and accurately coloring in the specified area. Children’s hands and eyes will work and coordinate flexibly with each other. Printable Turning red coloring pages are fun and friends coloring pages; children will enjoy discovering their favorite characters, distinguishing colors, and combining colors to create vivid pictures.

The important thing that pictures and colors bring to children is creativity. Art elements stimulate children’s brains to think and imagine; then, children will picture the characters in their heads and express them on paper. The Turning red coloring page will be an excellent gift for parents and children to learn valuable lessons about family and children’s sensitive ages. It is a lesson for parents and children to understand each other better.

Legendary Pokemon Coloring Pages: Characters that represent the power and value of Pokemon

Legendary Pokemon Coloring Pages

Printable Legendary Pokemon coloring sheets

For a long time, we are not far from the image and symbol of Pokemon; this is a typical Japanese culture that often appears in cartoons, games, toys, or tourism promotions. We already have a lot of materials to learn about Pokemon and Pikachu – the famous representative of Pokemon.

Since the beginning, the Pokemon world has spawned more than 800 different species of Pokemon throughout seven generations. Each generation appears a few legendary Pokemon species, and up to now, we have seen more than 60 other legendary Pokemon. They are usually one-of-a-kind, genderless, super-rare, super-strong, and ultimately very hard to catch.

Previously, these rare Pokemon were all known by the name Legendary Pokemon. They are not distinguished too much because it is assumed that they are rare Pokemon.

However, by the 5th generation, people have begun introducing a new concept – Mythical Pokemon. They are still legendary Pokemon but entirely different from previous Legendary Pokemon. So what is the difference between these two types of Pokemon?

Distinguishing between Legendary Pokemon and Mythical Pokemon

This group is also known as Pokemon Phantom. They are all rare Pokemon. These “legends” all have legends related to the continent, be it the creation or destruction of that continent.

In addition, the Legendary Pokémon often confront each other, representing the elements in nature, creating a balance that helps maintain all things. Depending on the arrangement of the game designers, they can be divided into pairs (Mew – Mewtwo) or groups of three (Kyogre – Groudon – Rayquaza).

Due to supreme power, Legendary Pokémon is often a target for evil organizations, such as Team Rocket or Team Magma. These organizations usually aim to annex or change the Pokemon world to get there fastest; their targets are often legends.

Currently, the Legendary Pokémon group has 49 species, accounting for 6% of the 812 Pokemon.

Like Legendary Pokemon, Mythical also has stories associated with them. However, because their existence is not so clear, they seem to be known only in anecdotes or stories like “folk.” Even the professors who know the best Pokemon have to work hard to find clues.

Compared to Legendary, Mythical Pokemon usually go alone and do not “pair” with other legends. Although appearing entirely in all generations, until now, Mythical Pokemon has only a total of 20 species, accounting for 2.46% of the total 812 Pokemon.

Do your kids love Legendary coloring pages?

Like the cartoon characters Doremon and Pikachu, Pokemon is a cartoon character that young people immensely love. Children will satisfy their love of legendary pokemon characters with funny and lovely Pokemon coloring pages. Let’s explore with fun Legendary Pokemon coloring pages!

Pokemon is a cartoon character associated with generations of our childhood. That is a cute, funny character. Surely my kids will love it. To help children approach these characters and at the same time increase their creative thinking ability.

Coloring pictures of the cutest and most cute legendary Pokemon with different shapes of fire, dragon, leaf, and water systems help children follow the Pokemon team to explore the big outside world, help express emotions, and nourish the soul.

The drawings of Pokemon are interested in parents for preschool children to color. These special characters do not have a specific color rule, so children can freely create the colors and pictures they want.

Children can learn, create, and show their coloring talent through the Legendary Pokemon Coloring Page. Children will increase their understanding of exciting characters and stories thanks to the images and colors. The basic skills for children’s development will gradually be perfected.

Parents can select, download and print Legendary Pokemon Coloring Sheets for their kids. Our coloring pages are quality and free. Children can participate in coloring these pictures at school or home with friends. Group fun activities will give children teamwork skills.


Cartoon characters always leave a deep impression in the hearts of children. They always love and are excited about how to build and create memorable characters. Therefore, in the learning process, if the images of cartoon characters are integrated into activities, children will be more interested and excited.

When parents understand the benefits and meaning of coloring activities, let them discover Turning red and Legendary Pokemon Coloring Pages immediately. We have lots of other coloring pages for kids waiting for you!

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