Result Oriented Real Estate Marketing Strategy for 2023


The Real Estate market can be highly inconsistent due to several factors- frequent ups and downs, interest rates, economic demands, job expansion, and many more.
Studies show that almost 97% of homebuyers went online to search for a home in 2021. And, on average, 50% of homebuyers make shortlist and finalize on project online. Therefore, irrespective of how the market acts now, both beginners and veterans can thrive with these Real Estate marketing ideas that can push the business. This blog presents some top real estate marketing steps that can be used to expand the Real Estate business in 2023. Read on to learn more!

Real Estate Marketing Tips for Better Results 2023

Change is inevitable in Real Estate marketing. The Real Estate marketing ideas that worked last year might not stand today. However, here are some unique Real Estate marketing tips that work regardless of the changing markets.

1. Digital Marketing Campaigns:

Recent lead generation statistics reveal that digital marketing effectively reaches clients with a favorable return on investment (ROI). Therefore, the need for digital marketing cannot be overlooked. It helps build brand awareness, broaden exposure, and draw more buyers. All this in a cost-effective way. Further, it also supports keeping the business distinctive among contenders. With the help of digital marketing, the Real Estate market has undergone an immense digital transformation over the last few years. From generating new leads to achieving thriving sales, the Real Estate market is now reliant on digital marketing.

2. Practice Effective Lead Management :

Conversion of a lead into solid sales relies upon lead generation and management quality. While lead generation is the process of determining the potential buyers. Lead management is about determining quality leads and also actively engaging with them.A Real Estate business could use websites, social media, online setups, or referrals to seize leads. Irrespective of the source, the Real Estate business should have detailed lead management services – to capture data from numerous sources and record them in a single Real Estate CRM software. When there is a single system, it becomes easy to manage all the leads. Further, it also prevents the creation of duplicate leads and cases where multiple agents reach out to a single lead.

3. Right mix of Social Media Platform:

There are around 4.55 billion active social media users globally, which is 9.9% higher than the previous year. On average, users spend 2 hours and 29 minutes on social media worldwide. That’s 7 minutes more than the last year. So, statistically speaking, there was never a better time to get active on social media.Social media allows targeted promotions tailored to audiences. Further, it helps in building brand awareness and generating confidence within them. They might need more time to be ready to invest. However, if they come across a constantly active brand on social media platforms that appear in their feeds, they may consider their offers and reach out when they’re prepared to begin their process. 

4. Rich media content (Video) Marketing:

Nowadays, videos are favored and considered a definitive source of information. Homebuyers want to see homes before they make a bid, and videos deliver a way to do just that. It is found that Real Estate listings that have at least one video get 403% more queries. Stats have also proven that video marketing can attract 300% more traffic for nurturing leads, making it one of the unique Real Estate marketing ideas.Further, video marketing is a great way to enhance SEO strategies. If used correctly, it will help outrank competitors online. Hence, video marketing for Real Estate helps realtors build connections with potential sellers and buyers and eventually trade more properties.

5. Deliver Exceptional Site Experience, Virtual & Real:

Customer-centricity is of foremost importance in the Real Estate market. Sometimes it may be difficult for a customer to visit every property, particularly those far off physically. However, with the help of a high-end virtual tour, businesses can facilitate their customers by offering a glimpse of the whole property without actually visiting it. Customers can imagine themselves living in that house and experience its space & structure.

The process should also be straightforward. Businesses can embrace the one-click scheduling model so that customers can visit the project page and enter the necessary details and desired time slot, to get the visit scheduled. Upon scheduling, they should receive a confirmation email and calendar invite and easily reschedule if needed.

6. Reach Customers At The Right Moment With SMS & WhatsApp:

With more customers using smartphones to communicate with businesses. Brands can now connect with their customers at strategic touchpoints across their marketing journey.

However, with so many available mobile communication media. It can be hard to pick which is best for the business—considering the reach, pace, and efficiency of all media available. SMS and WhatsApp are apparent winners for real-time customer contacts. Businesses can connect with their users across just one channel or both. Picking a channel to add to the communications strategy depends solely on the goals and requirements of a business. 


A successful Real Estate marketing strategy in 2023 would include all the above-mentioned ideas. The overall goal is to choose marketing strategies that expose businesses to potential clients. The above-mentioned Real Estate ideas will ensure an effective way to connect with customers and convert potential clients into leads. 

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Real Estate businesses that need help to keep up with the fiercely competitive market can thrive in the market by hiring a real estate marketing agency- these agencies will do everything from marketing to branding and advertising to help a business stand out and flourish.

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