Red Light Massage: Effective or Not?

Red Light Massage

Red light therapy massage is painless, safe, and also has no adverse effects. These devices are easy to operate and don’t require much maintenance. The 8-by-15-inch light treatment device can aid and cover your entire body and provide you with the benefits of massage therapy.

It can also help your stressed-out rigid back muscles to relax before a massage. the pad’s warm and mild LED photons can increase blood circulation and speed up pain recovery as you massage your hands and legs. That’s not all led light treatment is also used to “reduce pain and inflammation, improve tissue repair and regeneration.”

At the end of the day, you can use red light therapy to relieve stress and pain following a day of massages. That’s the reason why more and more physiologists prefer red light massage as their optimum massaging option. 

Red Light Massage Device

Red light therapy devices can bring a whole new depth to your body massage sessions, as these devices can give you more enhanced massaging treatment for faster and better recovery. 

This red light massage therapy can be offered as an add-on or stand-alone treatment. However, one thing that you need to keep in mind is that to see drastic improvements, you need to be regular and consistent with these therapy sessions. 

Red light therapy devices come in different sizes and intensities, also with different types of lenses. You can consult with an expert first before you go on purchasing any of these devices. This is because they’ll let you know the right intensity that can aid you with your body aches and pains. 

Red Light Massage Therapy and Joint Pain Issues

Red light massage treatment is easy to include in your practice because it complements massage therapy. Both methods promote natural healing to reduce pain and suffering. The overall soothing, calming, and mild sessions will indeed make you feel relaxed when you go through these light therapy sessions. It also boosts cellular health, which could boost massage effects. 

These red light devices also help alleviate joint pain, which massage cannot, as well as soft tissue and muscle pain. Wrapping an LED pad around a hip, shoulder, knee, elbow, or ankle with this massage therapy can provide deeper pain alleviation than massage alone.

Regular Practice RLT Massage 

Red light massage therapy can be used during, before, or even after your massage sessions. Your therapy time duration will rely on your physical concerns, your therapeutic aims, and your body desires throughout a session. Moreover, you can also use red light therapy in your business, home, and even your office. 

Using Red Light Therapy Before Massage

Light therapy before massage might be useful for you. Applying pads to aching regions 20 minutes before a massage can be useful. This is because these pads are directly placed on your body where pain and stiffness alleviation is needed, they warm the tissues and stimulate circulation, which starts the pain relief process. 

Your body will become less tense and stiff, more relaxed, more supple, and easier to massage once the session starts. Therefore, many experts recommend going through light therapy sessions before taking anybody massage. 

Using Red Light During Massage

Introduce red light treatment devices during the massage, usually at the beginning of the massage sessions. Velcro straps hold light treatment equipment in place. LED pads’ mild warmth relaxes muscles, soothes tissue, and reduces tension. 

Moreover, the LED light can also penetrate through joints, relieving chronic pain or injuries. As the session proceeds, the rlt device can be moved around the body while you work on other areas.

Using Red Light Therapy After Massage

After the massage, you can take a 20-minute red light treatment session. You may remain on the massage table or be seated while these devices are being placed on your troubled regions. Red light therapy supports the body’s natural healing potential and this helps your body to recover faster.

Bottom Line

Incorporating these red light therapy devices into your regular massage sessions can indeed aid you from painful body aches. It may even enhance massage results and may even save your intense handwork. 

Therefore, most physiologists recommend having these therapy devices at home too for enhanced performance. Platinum Light Therapy can provide you with all kinds of red light therapy devices to try. Moreover, their devices are FDA-approved and can also be a perfect fit for any space.

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