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An overnight desert safari that lasts all night in Dubai should be at the top of the list for any real traveler. Watch large groups of camels doing funny things. When the dune-bashing begins, you won’t believe what happens. Your guide will take you on the trip of a lifetime as you roll down the golden dunes.

Hop on the back of one of these giant animals to experience the thrill of riding a camel. You’ll feel like a giant in your desert fantasy when the light makes your camel’s shadow longer against a nearby dune. After your camel ride, treat yourself to a cup of hot coffee and some delicious dates. Let a beautiful falcon land on your hand and pose for a picture if you have the guts. Please relax and enjoy the nice campground while one of our hosts gives you a beautiful henna tattoo. Watch out for the fantastic belly dancers!

After eating authentic Arabic barbecue, you can sit back and watch the Milky Way rise over the desert. After an unforgettable overnight desert safari in Dubai, you wake up to a hot breakfast and say goodbye to your guides.

An overnight desert safari in Dubai will take you to a desert oasis full of beautiful surprises that you won’t soon forget. If you book your Dubai desert safari and overnight stay with us, you won’t have to spend a lot of money. The time to book your tour is now.

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Inclusions of Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

  • Land Cruiser pick-up and delivery at hotels and shopping centers
  • An Adventure in the Sand Dunes
  • Picture of a sunset taken from a dune
  • Enjoy a camel ride!
  • Arabic coffee, tea, and dates are the real deal.
  • The food served before the main course.
  • Photoshoot in an Arabic Costume
  • Sand skiing and boarding
  • Henna Body Art
  • The dance of Tanura
  • Belly dance performance for advertising
  • A tasty grilled meal (veg & non-veg Option)
  • Putting on a show with real fire
  • Bedding (mattress, pillows, blankets, tent)
  • The breakfast

Exclusions of Overnight Safari

  • Quadbike (Available for Rent)
  • Having drinks with alcohol in them (Available for Purchase)

Dubai Desert Safari: A Fun Adventure at Night

On an overnight desert safari, people who want to feel what it’s like to sleep in a real Bedouin tent under the stars can do so. When most people think of a “desert safari,” they think of the 18-hour trip at night in the Dubai desert.

Desert safaris that last all night are great for couples who want to do something romantic together in Dubai. It could be both relaxing and thrilling. An overnight safari is the best way to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Arabian Desert at night. Have you been in that situation before? No? Then you should start getting ready.

Overnight stay & Things to Do

Pick & Drop

Early in the evening, a 4×4 vehicle will pick you up from your lodging to start your overnight desert adventure.

Dune Bashing

The best part of this evening trip will be dune bashing. It’s an exciting 45-minute drive through the desert. Ride a 44 through the red dunes. This is going to grab your attention completely.

Photoshoot Point

Soon after your dune-bashing trip, you’ll stop in the middle of the desert for a photo op. Taking pictures lets, you keep memories for a long time.

Camel Safari

The best way to see the desert is on the back of a camel, which feels like a boat as ride a camel through a sea of sand.

Look At the Sun Going Down

After your camel ride, you’ll be blown away by the sunset. The sunset is a great thing to take a picture of. Always remember how beautiful this scene was.

Designs Henna on Hands

Henna art is also called henna tattoos. In contrast to most tattoos, this one doesn’t hurt at all. Patterns with an Arabic feel can be used on the palm of your hand.

Dinner On The BBQ

In Dubai, trips to the desert include a real Arabic BBQ feast. Dinner is a BBQ buffet with a wide range of meat and vegetarian dishes worldwide. You’ll get shisha, soda, water, and Kahwa, all traditional Arabic drinks.

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Belly And Tanura Dances from The Middle East

After a long day in the dunes, you’ll want to take it easy. It helps you unwind and feel better. You have to get up and dance or sway to these shows’ music.

Bedouin Tents Are Where Travelers Spend the Night

As you lay back on your pillows to look at the stars, breathe in the fresh air of the desert. On a night, maybe the Milky Way will be visible.

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