Our picks for the best gummies from 3Chi


3Chi as a brand needs no further introduction. A behemoth of the industry with over a decade of experience, 3Chi offers some amazing hemp products. And after trying these, we simply cannot stop raving about their super delicious gummies. Delta 8 and Delta 9 gummies are what we prefer and we suggest you stick to the same for the very best of experience.

Favorite delta 9 gummies from 3Chi

If you are a fan of the super potent, delta 9 gummies can offer the strongest euphoric kick that you desire. Here are the top choices when it comes to delta 9 gummies from 3Chi.

Orange Dreamsicle 

Experience the fun, tarty rich taste along with a hefty delta 9 doses with this delightfully strong product from 3Chi. The orange zest and creamy vibes are the perfect complement to the strong euphoric punch that it packs. This is a full spectrum product, meaning that you get to enjoy the pure extracts of delta 9. The potency for this product is capped at 10 mg delta 9 per piece. Each pack comes with 20 gummies inside. Every bite of this dreamy piece of delight offers a citric tang which leaves behind a very creamy and sweet aftertaste.

Black Raspberry

Another full spectrum product from 3Chi with 10 mg potency per piece, the Black Raspberry Delta 9 gummies is another one of our favorites. Each bite lands you a juicy berry taste with vanilla aftertaste. Made from all hemp extracted ingredients that are all vegan and free from preservatives, the Blue Raspberry gummies offer a very relaxing vibe after consuming. Comes in packs of 20 pieces with a total potency of 200 mg per pack. Note that natural and artificial colors and flavors are added to enhance the taste of the product and cut down on the harsh taste of delta 9 extracts.

Blue Raspberry

Boasting similar potency to other variants on this list, the blue raspberry Delta 9 gummies are one amazing product from 3Chi. One of their bestsellers, these gummies bring an amazing flavor profile for you to relish with the high. As the name suggests, these gummies taste very much like biting into a fresh blue raspberry with all its flavorful elements. It leaves behind a very tarty aftertaste. These gummies come with a potency of around 10 mg delta 9 per piece which translates to 200 mg of delta 9 in a pack of 20 gummies.

Points to note about delta 9 gummies

Delta 9 gummies are incredibly powerful products and can knock you off your feet if not careful. Manufacturers suggest to start with half a gummy if you are a new user. If the effects are manageable, you can continue with one more.

Effects from delta 9 edibles can take some time to manifest and therefore you must not hurry with the consumption as it can cause you to green out. Effects usually take over an hour to fully kick in.

Favorite delta 8 gummies from 3Chi

Delta 8 offers a more traditional, laid back experience and these Delta 8 gummies can be the perfect option to have the perfect high. Choose from the very best 3Chi has to offer.

Comfortable Numb Classic

A true hero from the 3Chi Focused Blends lineup, these Delta 8 gummies come infused with CBN in a 1:1 blend to offer the extremely calming effects that it has after consumption. This makes for a great choice for those seeking the entourage effect with their edibles. Comes in a pack of 8 delicious treats, each gummy has a 25 mg mix of delta 8 and CBN in equal quantities. There is also the option of buying a 16 pack from 3Chi.

Black Raspberry 

An award winning product from 3Chi, these potent gummies are available in two other flavor options, namely Watermelon and Strawberry. We loved the black raspberry variant the best and thus the inclusion on this list. 25 mg of delta 8 infused gummies come in with the natural taste of berries that is sure to linger on the tongue for quite some time. Expect a blast of fruity goodness with this wonderful product from 3Chi. 

White Lightning Mini Pack Gummies

The White Lightning gummies belong to the True Strains product lineup from 3Chi and have been a real headliner. Mimicking the best parts of the strain you choose, these gummies are crafted with a blend of multiple cannabinoids along with delta 8. Other options in this range include Awesome Sauce, Cyclone, Bliss, Full Throttle, Nirvana, Pulse, Cruise Control, and many more so you can get the perfect experience as per your needs and preferences. Plus, you also get the option to choose between the dosing options which includes 15 mg, 64 mg, and 100 mg of cannabinoids per gummy for that lovely entourage effect.

Points to note about Delta 8 gummies

Delta 8 gummies come with multiple different blends of cannabinoids. Carefully read the back of the product for more information on the cannabinoids present.

Some Delta 8 gummies come with delta 9 infused. Thus, giving rise to highly potent gummies. If you are consuming these blends, be sure to keep an eye on the dosage for the best experience.

These products tend to lose potency over time when exposed to heat or sunlight. Keep them sealed in the resealable pack that it comes with and store them in a cold and dark place. Consume within two weeks for the best effects.

Gummies are leading the charts when it comes to hemp edibles and these tasty delights have been high in demand over the last few years. 3Chi comes in sweeping with its massive range of edibles that are designed to suit every preference. And with each product thoroughly tested for purity and potency, you are buying into the best when you buy 3Chi products. You can always visit the official site for more information on the products available. Browse the list and maybe you can find the perfect product to suit your preferences and needs.

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