Mini skid steer loader: everything you need to know

Mini skid steer loader

Mini skid steer loader is a universal compact frame machine on wheels or tracks. It is distinguished by separate control of the right and left side drive. The cabin is often a cage, and bucket and fork are the most popular attachments.

Skid steer has a turning radius equal to its dimensions, which means it can turn literally on the spot. The connection between the boom and the frame is located in the back of the machine, behind the cabin. The lift is vertical. This gives the operator an excellent view to the front, so he can clearly control the work process. The compact size makes this machine popular for small to medium-sized work projects.

The lifting capacity of the mini loaders varies between 600 and 1,800 kilograms depending on the models, and the operating weight of these machines is 5 tons. This explains the popularity of the mini loader in Europe.

Advantages of a mini skid loader

The main advantages of such special equipment are the following:

  • excellent maneuverability;
  • minimum turning angle of the board due to the minimum dimensions;
  • spacious, ergonomic operator’s cabin;
  • easy access to the main working units;
  • wide range of applications due to a wide choice of attachments;
  • a competitive price compared to larger machines with similar options and features.

Small compact mini skid steer loaders are ideal for clearing any areas of garbage, soil profiling, loading bulk materials, snow removal and road works. It is an indispensable helper in the municipal, construction and agricultural sectors. 

How to choose a mini skid steer loader

Planning to buy such a universal helper, first of all, you should decide on the range of its “duties” and operating conditions, because such equipment can perform a wide range of works. You should consider the following recommendations:

  • choose a tracked machine for works on loose and weakly bearing soils;
  • pay special attention to the quality of rubber and tread – if you work on hard surfaces (asphalt, concrete), the wear resistance of rubber is important, while when working on rubble or snow, the permeability and diameter of the wheels are crucial;
  • also consider the carrying capacity of the equipment;
  • the comfort and safety of the operator is another key factor;
  • always take into account the cost of the loader, as well as the cost of fuel, accessories and maintenance.

The standard equipment of a mini loader usually includes a main bucket, which is used for loading and moving bulk materials, raking snow and garbage, as well as for land leveling. Depending on the planned tasks, various replacement equipment is purchased for an additional fee. It can be a trencher, cargo boom, forks for moving pallets, sweeping equipment for cleaning areas, drilling equipment, and rotary snowblower. Manufacturers are ready to provide dozens of different types of mechanisms. So, it is profitable and practical to skid steer loader buy. It is a universal assistant for any type of work.

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