Kedarkantha Trek: A Complete Guide

Kedarkantha Trek


The Kedarkantha trek is one of the finest treks in India. It’s a 6 days journey to Govind pashu vihar national park in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. The 6 days camp starts with the base of Dehradun and later back to camp, it’s said also to be one of the easy-moderate types of treks so there is no special requirement of any experience guide. Here you get several options to visit this spot at least once and even more times because the place comprises abundant beautiful scenarios and trekking routes that will take you through many highlands and forests.

Kedarkantha trek is among the coolest treks in the Himalayan ranges as the most significant of them is the summit of the climb. The summit of the climb is known to be a very rewarding one because straight from the base camp of the trip, the summit looms huge. So let’s get to know more about the places and routes of the KedarKantha trek.

About the place

  • The base camp drive
  • Dense forests
  • The beautiful sunset

The base camp drive

One of the best treks you can ever see, the tour from the base camp is 18kms far from the trek, which takes you through dense pine woodlands after purola and later drives towards the Mori valley with the inclusion of rivers.

Dense forest

The forest of kedarkantha is a thick wide forest which starts from gaichawan gaaon, the forest makes you feel the essence and beauty of the forest. The surrounding is full of enormous elegance of various sorts.

The beautiful sunset

The sunset of the KedarKantha trek is one the best thing you can say, the view of the sunset during the dusk is quite wonderful and soothing to eyes.

Routes information

Day 1: Starting from Dehradun to kotagaon with a drive distance of 200kms within 10-11 hours of journey.

Day 2: After reaching the kotagaon trek you have to move towards the khujaai place with a distance of 5.20 kms in 5 hours. Also the altitude gain is 5,570 ft to 8,920 ft.

Day 3: Then from khurai to dhoka trek with the distance of 3.50 kms in 3.5 hours with an altitude gain of 8,920 ft to 10,870 ft long.

Day 4: Dhoka to mohali by the way of kedarkantha summit with the trek extent of 9kms in 7-8 hours with an altitude of 12,500 ft.

Day 5: Then from Mohlani to Kotagaon with a distance of 4kms in 5 hours duration with Altitude gain of 8,270 ft to 5,570 ft long.

Day 6: Reaching back to Dehradun from kotagaon with a drive distance of 200 kms in 11 hours certainly.


  • Location:  Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand.
  • Duration of the trek: 6 Days.
  • Trek type: Easy to Moderate.
  • Altitude of the trek: 12,500ft above.
  • The best time to visit: From December to March (ie. During winter it makes the journey more wonderful).

Important notes

  • It’s mandatory to keep a photo ID copy for taking entry for the trek at the forest post-survey.
  • Ground camp you will be provided with lodges for staying.
  • Also offers a cloakroom for keeping your valuables safe.

Essentials required for the kedarkantha trek

  • Identity cards and photocopies are almost necessary.
  • Sweaters, balaclavas, hand gloves, pairs of socks, thermal t-shirts, trekking pants, Woolen thick jackets, etc.
  • Windproof jackets, trekking shoes, snow boots.
  • Trekking poles are compulsory.
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, creams, lip balms, Torches, headlamps, and also carry some extra batteries for emergency circumstances.
  • Phone chargers or a power bank, cameras.
  • Plastic sheets for covering electronic devices from snow and rainfall.
  • Big water bottles.
  • High protein food is a must. ( Energy bars, fruits, biscuits, etc).
  • Raincoats and umbrellas during monsoon seasons.
  • Sanitizers, liquid soaps, tissue papers, toothbrush, paste, and all other requirements according to you.
  • First Aid: Diamox, Crocin, antiseptic liquid, spray, cotton rolls, bandages, digene, etc.


Kedarkantha trek can be the best alternative for your winter treks for sure. I hope this article helped you in knowing more about the place.

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