Is it possible to have casual sex without getting emotionally attached?

casual sex

Have you been thinking about casual sex? If yes, you are not alone. Having sex without getting attached to a person is, however, not easy. During sex, the body releases a hormone known as oxytocin which bonds people, especially when they experience orgasms.  This makes it challenging for one to have casual sex without feelings. If you are interested in casual sex, this is for you.

Consider if this is right for you

If you often get into relationships with people that are not the right fit for you, you should stay away from having casual sex. Since this is an intimate act, you need to learn to distinguish between sex and love. Think about what you would like to achieve from casual sex. If, for instance, you only want to eliminate boredom, then having sex with Escort girls London can be for you. If you, however, find yourself developing feelings for someone after sleeping with them, you should not have casual sex.

Talk about boundaries

Before you start having casual sex, it is important to have a conversation with the person. Lay down the expectations that both of you have beforehand to avoid awkward moments after having sex with them. Have an honest discussion with them to ensure that both of you are getting what they need from this arrangement. You can, for instance, inform the person that you are not looking for an emotional connection before sleeping with them. You can even tell them that you are dating different people at a go. The more honest you are with the person, the better for both for you.

Figure out how you will be communicating with them

How you relate and communicate with the person before having sex can determine whether feelings are likely to develop afterward. If you want to have casual sex with one person for some time, you should avoid maintaining communication with them all the time. This can easily lead to developing emotional attachments between you two. You should only communicate when you want to meet up for something casual and cut the communication after that.

Apart from that, you should also space out the encounters and ensure that the situation is long-distance. Do not have casual sex with the same person every day or see someone that is always around you since the hormones produced during sex can make you addicted to them.

Come up with ground rules

When you set ground rules before you start having casual sex, there is a minimal chance of developing feelings for them. For instance, you can choose not to have sex with someone that is searching for a relationship since they can easily start catching feelings after sex. You can also choose not to sleep over at their place from time to time. Meeting in hotels is better since you will not be tempted to visit their home.

Learn how to fulfill yourself sexually

If you find yourself depending fully on the person for sexual stimulation, it is easy to get emotionally attached to them. Even though you need a person to help you eliminate loneliness, you should learn how to fulfill yourself sexually. Take some time to learn more about your body and give yourself the attention that you deserve.

Consider masturbating since this can help you fulfill your sexual needs without depending on the person. You can even teach yourself how to give yourself an organism with the help of sex toys. Invest in sexy lingerie and have fun stimulating yourself.

Be honest with yourself if you start developing feelings

If you realize that you are constantly thinking about the person you have been having casual sex with, you should acknowledge these feelings. Pretending that they don’t exist can make you sink further and even fall in love with them. You can choose to tell the person if you have the confidence to do so and end the affair. If you have been having casual sex with a good person, they will not make things weird after this. Though casual sex is pleasurable, it can be tricky. You should therefore be honest with yourself and with them to avoid a poor experience.

Intercourse is not a must

You don’t have to have intercourse with someone. You can choose to go for casual hookups if you fear getting emotionally attached to a person. Such hookups can help you have a lot of fun without intimacy. Sticking to less intimate activities can help you remain emotionally detached.

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