How To Teach Online Using A SmartPhone


Technology has brought huge changes in today’s world. With the emergence of wireless technology, internet platforms, and mobile devices, we have all seen significant changes in the ways we interact, share information, and socialise. It has also brought major changes in the education sector. 

Learning has now become mobile. Neither the teacher nor the student has to be present in one place to teach and learn. This has become possible with online teaching. The use of information and communication technology in the online teaching and learning process has been extensive. Technology has given birth to various software, tools and apps in the education sector. Teachers can now use the apps for classroom to connect with their students and teach by incorporating modern technology.  It’s also creating trends with the enormous array of options available to both online educators and students. 

Almost everyone has at least one smartphone in their house. This smartphone plays a crucial role in making mobile learning possible. But, what exactly should a teacher do to make the best out of the technology? Here are a few tips on how to teach using a smartphone.

  • Determine Your Objectives

Determining what you want to achieve, and finding out your students’ accessibility and problems are important before you start teaching. Also, you should teach your students how to use the app, at the beginning of the session to make the best out of your class and reduce the difficulties of the students.

  • Record The Class

Every student is unique and hence has a different learning style. Some understand better by listening while some understand better by watching the concepts go live. In the same way, some understand concepts just in one explanation while others will need more time to understand them, and may require you to explain them more than once or twice. You can use your phone to record your teaching so that when a student needs to re-learn something, he can simply go back to the recordings of the sessions.

You may also utilise this fantastic feature as a teacher to provide personalised feedback to your students. You can create audio or video clips and send feedback to your students. This is much better in helping you understand your tone.

  • Use A Good Classroom App

Use an app that comes with features that will help optimize the learning experience. Many apps are available to assist you in conducting online lessons, maintaining attendance, tracking student performance and progress, and more. Choose the best one according to your needs. For this purpose, you should run a trial or dummy sessions before finalising one. 

  • Use Online Discussion Forums 

You can use the group chat feature in the apps to establish online discussion forums. This ensures that the entire class participates, even if they are seated in various locations in front of their devices. Students can use the forum to discuss things they have already been taught discuss doubts among themselves, help each other, etc.

Final Thoughts

Smartphones have made life simpler for us. With learning being possible through smartphones, access to quality education has become possible.

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James Vines