How to Style Fat Fingers with 17 Nail Shapes?


There are over 17 nail shapes you can adopt, but not all are ideal for fat fingers. When selecting the best options, you need to make a keen selection to shift the attention away from the fingers to the nails. Therefore, you need something unique and creative.

When styling your nails, you must discover a style that suits them best and flatters them. If you have fat fingers, here are some styles to implement to make the fingers look stylish and worthy of admiration.

1. Oval nails

If you have natural nails, the best way to shape them is to trim the top to appear oval. This is the best design for shorter but wider nails in bed. It doesn’t change the nails, but it is a means to increase the height of your natural nails.

The result is a studier nail, a little longer that adds some beauty to your fat fingers. They are easy to maintain, and you can achieve them at home without the help of a manicurist. It is also a cost advantage for maintaining your nails for long durations.

There are different types of oval nail shapes you can consider for chubby fingers. You can either select the cute oval or the square, oval shapes.

The cute oval shortens the appearance of the nail beds with a round tip to boost the beauty. The square oval has a square shape and is suitable for thicker fingers. They lengthen the appearance of the nail bed while making the fingers appear longer and perhaps slimmer. Moreover, they make the nails look neater and more professional and can be easily maintained at home.

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2. Almond nails

The secret to shifting the focus away from your fat fingers is to shape the nails to create an image of slimmer, and there is no other way to make the nails taller but slimmer. From afar, one sees longer and slimmer nails, cementing the view that their fingers are slimmer.

This style is about having a round tip, tapered with slimmer sides, and they get slimmer towards the top. Almond nails are some of the most popular nail shapes and styles but are more attractive for fat fingers. They look more natural and create some of the best transitions from the fingers to the nails without looking awkward.

3. Stiletto nails

If you want something more drastic than almond nails, the stiletto nail is the best thing to try out. They are longer and pointed than almond nails and become slimmer as you get to the tip. Despite shifting attention from your fat fingers, they can be challenging to maintain and need a manicurist.

This is the best style to try if you are keen on shaping your nails. They are also great for events and occasions such as weddings and parties. You can also style them in color to match your fashion and make the nails more blending. The moment they match the fashion, the attention automatically shifts to the generated beauty without anyone noticing the fat fingers easily.

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4. Ballerina nail shapes

The almond and stiletto can be challenging to maintain and sometimes intimidating, especially if they are longer. The best option away from these two is to use the ballerina style, which is a little longer but with bold edges and adds some elements of squared-off pizzazz.

The sharp corners make them unique but not drastic, and they are best for those with broader nail beds. Still, they need some attention and care to ensure you nurture them longer. They are not sharp but are some of the most attractive styles. You should select them carefully for the occasion since they match best with some fashions and are not ideal for all.

5. Flare shaped nails

Before you use these nails, you should select them carefully for the occasion since they can have the opposite effects when not used appropriately. They are ideal for fat fingers with thinner nail beds and add something extra to make the fingertips appear slimmer when observed from a distance.

They widen at the end, making the fingers appear shorter, hence ideal for long fat fingers. They are unsuitable for short-fat fingers because they can affect overall beauty and make them appear fatter.

6. Lipstick shape

This is the best style to consider if you desire to take the creative to another level. However, this style is best when you select the best coloring. You need an attractive color such as red or you can match it with your fashion. The manicurist makes the nails look like lipstick with perfect and sharp edging.

It is amongst the modern styles of shaping nails and is ideal for natural and artificial nails. Alternatively, you can buy manufactured lipstick-shaped artificial nails and then attach them. They are ideal for broader nail beds since they are a bit slimmer all through.

7. Round nails

Round nails are equally suitable for chubby fingers; however, you must be keen on how to use them. One can easily observe and notice the chubby fingers, but one will be amazed by the unique selection of color and design of the round tip nails. They are suitable for natural nails, require low maintenance, and are easy to maintain.

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Not all nail shapes and styles are ideal for fat fingers. Only a few match your chubby nails, and you have a wider selection discussed above to pick from. When selecting either of them, you need to be keen about your fingers’ fashion, event, and nature.

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