How to Set Up Your Own Home Bar

First-Time Homebuyers

More than 45% of people in the United States were looking forward to entertaining at their homes after the COVID pandemic.

Unfortunately, when your home isn’t ideal for having guests over, the party can struggle to continue.

If you want to make the most of your time with loved ones, you should build a bar so that everyone can be together.

Keep reading to learn how to create a home bar by handling this like any other home renovation project!

Find a Suitable Space

The first step in creating a home bar is to find a good place in your home.

Depending on where you typically entertain and have guests over, you can place a bar there. Some people build outdoor bars if they live in warmer climates, have pools, or have beautiful land. This is a fun way to have people over, but your parties are limited by the weather.

Look around the kitchen or dining room for an area for a bar. You can also build one in a basement or loft space! Unused closets and corner areas to transform into a bar. You could also consider a bar in the center of a large spacious room.

You’ll Need Plumbing & Electricity

Home renovation projects, even ones as small as building a bar, may require professional help.

If you want a fridge, ice maker, or sink at your bar, you’ll need a plumber. They can install piping to ensure you get clean water and serve the freshest drinks. Without plumbing and electricity, you might as well still pour drinks from the kitchen.

Having everything you need in one place will keep the party going. Once you have electricity running, you can also set up a speaker for music and fun lights to set the mood.

Furniture Is Important

Have you ever sat down and felt so uncomfortable that you had to leave an event or restaurant?

You must buy furniture that’s comfortable and won’t get damaged by small spills. If you want your guests to enjoy their time at your home bar, you need to ensure they are comfortable and don’t want to move.

Look for bar stools with backings so your friends and family can sit back and relax. You can browse acrylic bar stools here that will match your theme and keep everyone around for another drink.

Stock Your Bar

Unless your friends have a BYOB policy, you’ll want to stock your bar with a variety of drinks and garnishes.

Try to get a variety of spirits, beer, and wine if you want to appeal to the drinking crowd. You can keep a bartender’s guide nearby to utilize your fresh garnishes and make delicious drinks. Pops, juices, and ice will keep everyone happy.

Not everyone drinks alcohol, so try to have just as many exciting options that aren’t alcoholic.

This Home Renovation Project Deserves a Toast

Creating a home bar can help bring you and your family closer.

This home renovation project implies fun and is automatically associated with parties. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your bar design and location, especially if you have a unique spot in the house. You can stock your bar with everyone’s favorite drinks and never have to leave.

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