How To Predict IPL Matches?

How To Predict IPL Matches

People call cricket a highly unpredictable game. You don’t know what can happen from the beginning of the match. Your favorite team might be scoring fours and sixes in the start, but then boom, all the wickets go down that, too, with some balls left. It is as if it is a shocker to you if your favorite team was winning, but then out of the blue, it is not. Now think that your money is involved in this match, and it becomes worse.

The key to predicting cricket matches accurately is to have an in-depth analysis. Keep your eyes searching for the previous records, and try to dig in as much information as you can. Use this information to make decisions. Let’s look at some of the IPL bet prediction strategies!

Look Into The Past Data

Past knowledge to the bettor is like gold to the digger. Digging into the past data will help you focus on any kind of similarities or patterns in the past, and you can predict things more accurately. For example, it is seen that a batsman who is playing well might stumble after a strategic time-out in an IPL game. This pattern was even noticed in test matches where batsmen stumble close (before or after) to the breaks.

You get to know these small things if you religiously follow every game. In recent years, it has also been seen that the chasing sides are winning more. The reason is that batting has become easier, and the batsmen are hitting boundaries easier than before.

To get to know more about this, you should look at the head-to-head analysis of both the sides that are playing, especially the recent ones. You should also dig deeper into the information relating to the players, like who all are playing, which player played against the opponent team well, or if the players who play well are playing, etc.

Research Match Conditions

Although the teams and players are important to see who you bet on, outside conditions are another major factor. These include the weather conditions near the stadium, the pitch, whether the match is scheduled day or night, boundary sizes, etc. More than 50% of games are in these conditions.

It depends on the team if they can win or not; if they adapt to the changes, then the game is theirs to win. This is the reason why most home teams win the matches. They are already adapted to the weather conditions, the type of pitch, the boundaries, etc. If the weather is cloudy, it will benefit fast and medium-paced bowlers. Bright and sunny weather will help a batsman. If it rains, there is a possibility of the match getting drawn or washed out. So you must look out for the weather before betting on any team. You must check out these factors and pick your team on which you want to bet accordingly.

Compare the key players of both the teams

It is important in any match to see your opponent’s strengths. You should have more information about your opponent – their weaknesses, important players, or their playing style. Picking a winning team is crucial. If you believe this key player is going to help your team win, then it is important to look at the counterpart on the opposition side.

If the key player of your team is an opening batsman, then look for the inswinging bowlers on the opposition side who can trouble your batsman. For instance, if Chris Gayle is playing, then look for spinners like Jasprit Bumrah or Bhuvneshwar Kumar on the other side. It is not that Chris Gayle could not tackle the spinners. He is more vulnerable at the start of the innings, and these bowlers have used that previously too.

The Toss

The half-hour before the match pretty much decides the outcome of the match. Toss plays a significant role in test matches and even ODIs. The toss can help you decide whether you want to continue betting on that team.

It is not important who will win the toss. What’s important is to know how well the captain reacts to the coin toss and what he will pick. Although the probability of one winning a toss is 50%, it was seen that for different captains, the probability is different; for Rohit Sharma, the probability of winning a toss is 80% (Mumbai Indians), and MS Dhoni is 75% (Chennai Super Kings), Shreyas Iyer is 65% (Delhi Capitals) and so on.

One of the examples of the importance of toss is the 2003 World Cup. Sourav Ganguly called it right in the toss but wrong when picking between batting or balling. India played well the entire tournament, but it was Australia the team was playing against, and that too under a lot of pressure. The captain should have chosen to bat, and maybe then things would have turned out differently.

But now, teams prefer to chase; it has become a new strength. With the target on board, the teams are winning more. In sub-continent conditions, it becomes difficult for bowlers to defend totals with all that dew in the air.

In the long format, the situation is reversed. The team that bats last is more likely to lose the game. Batting in the last two days becomes a task and even chasing a small target becomes difficult.

Simulate The Game

Think about the game – ball by ball. Keep the above-discussed factors in your mind, and don’t play the betting game with your heart. Run the entire game in your mind.

Wrapping Up

The strategies mentioned above will help you in better IPL bet prediction. Although one can never accurately predict the odds of a team winning the game, these tips will help you in a more predicted win.

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