How to Get PSM™ Certified? – Complete Overview of PSM™ Exam

PSM™ Certified

Professional Scrum Master (PSM) exhibit their familiarity with Scrum, their comprehension of it, and their aptitude for using it in practical contexts. The level of knowledge required to earn a certification has a direct bearing on its value. By that metric, Scrum alternatives are greatly outperformed by PSM evaluations in terms of value. Through regular review and modification of the assessment material, we work to guarantee that they continue to be helpful and pertinent.

Scrum Masters must have a profound grasp of the principles and ideals of Scrum in order to be effective. People may evaluate and certify their grasp of these principles and beliefs, as well as how they would react in challenging scenarios, through the Professional Scrum Master™ (PSM) exams.

A PSM-certified professional has the following beneficial aspects to the projects.

  • Prepared to follow and implement Agile to projects by developing an Agile mindset.
  • Gaining knowledge of Agile and Scrum will increase your employment options.
  • Utilize the strategies you’ve just learned to settle disputes.
  • Become known as the holder of the PSM Certificate, which is valid anywhere.
  • Ensure that your coworkers grasp the basics of Scrum.
  • Hone your ability to look at a project from several angles.
  • Establish a setting that encourages creativity.
  • Create high-quality, customer-focused goods.

Preparing for PSM™ Exam

  • Study Materials: People read a variety of Agile books and enroll in top online PSM training courses that cover every Agile methodology in order to get ready for PSM™ Exam.
  • When a challenging question makes you doubt your understanding of Scrum, refer to the Scrum Guide and read it again. It just has 16 pages and aids in clarifying your understanding of Scrum.
  • Take the Open Assessments until you receive perfect scores on every test. By undertaking the Product Owner open assessment, you may also get ready to deal with any difficult test questions that could arise.
  • To obtain helpful answers to any questions you may have, join or explore professional Scrum community forums. On, you may discover some excellent Agile/Scrum debates.
  • For PSM preparation, look online and take any additional free assessment tests that are offered. You will learn a little bit more with each practice test.

You have only 60 minutes to complete the 80 questions in the PSM1 test, which is done online. To pass the test, you have to have at least 68 accurate responses. Given the time constraints and the fact that many candidates tend to leave certain topics unresolved, it is crucial to be as familiar as possible with these ideas.

1. Steady internet connection: The test will be taken online, so be sure your internet connection is strong. Examine the exam at the time of day when the internet connection is the most reliable.

2. Select a quiet time period since you will do better on the exam if you are more at ease and have fewer distractions.

3. Read the questions completely. When you read multiple-choice questions too rapidly, many of them start to look identical.

4. Watch out for word games: Learn to distinguish between the two of these extremely popular test tricks:

  • should vs. could
  • attend vs. participate.

5. Use a Timer: When taking your practice examinations, use a timer. This will guarantee that you can finish all the problems within the allotted time.

6. Mark the perplexing query: If you run into trouble answering a question, go on to the next one. Mark perplexing questions so you may try them later and save time and effort.

7. Choose one trustworthy source of assistance: Make a list of the references you’ll use in advance and select no more than one or two books. Either your own notes on perplexing subjects or a reputable Scrum guide will do. You can spend all your time frantically searching the internet for the correct solution.

Benefits of PSM-I Certification Exam:

  • Unlike some tests where, for instance, questions don’t really make sense or don’t have a fully proper answer to pick from, the questions on this exam are actually of good quality.
  • Because you don’t need to take authorized classes and self-study is acceptable, it is less expensive than certain other certificates. If money is a concern for you, it can be among the least expensive credentials you can pursue.
  • Some certifications just require you to memorize a sizeable number of irrelevant subjects, but here you learn something quite beneficial when you attempt to pass this test.
  • Earning a Professional Scrum Master™ credential can help you build your knowledge base if your firm uses the Scrum framework. Additionally, unless you already have scrum experience, the certification will allow you to fill up any knowledge gaps.
  • You may get your coworkers taught and certified if you’re an authority on scrum key planning in the company. It demonstrates your dedication to the employee’s development and education. Knowledgeable employees enable organizations to get additional advantages and revenues.
  • The market efficiency is shortened when the scrum approach is used. This indicates that the returns on every acquisition the business makes are high. You could very well be in charge of planning the development. You will be more valuable to your employer as a result.

To help you handle the complicated problems that occur with Scrum management, it is advised that you search for advanced-level PSM™ certificates after the PSM-I.

PSM II improves your understanding of complex situations in real life, while PSM III can assist seasoned Scrum Masters in managing complex teams and organizations.


PSM may be very helpful to you in the long term and may help you advance professionally. People who are currently working in an Agile environment and are looking for a solution to their present process issues may also find it useful.

Obtaining the PSM™ certification verifies the degree of your expertise regarding Scrum and gives you a preferred admission into big companies with better pay grades.

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