How difficult is finding a soulmate for a midget?

finding a soulmate

Finding soulmates comes later. Believe it or not, finding a decent date can be pretty challenging for dwarf singles. Even when all odds are in your favor finding a perfect date is not easy, but for little people, there are some obvious extra hurdles. 

What’s it like to be a dwarf? In many ways, it’s just like being any other individual. However, the problems and challenges little people face are uncountable. From finding the right shoe size to finding a date, little people face multiple challenges in their daily life. The stigma and misconceptions perpetuated for ages make it difficult for them to even cross a road without people staring at them. To begin with, let’s understand what dwarfism is.

What is dwarfism?

A genetic or medical condition that causes shortness in height is called dwarfism. A genetic mutation that impairs bone growth is a common cause of dwarfism. Any adult with a height of four feet ten inches or less is commonly considered a dwarf. Legs bending, a hunched back, and packed teeth are examples of frequent difficulties.

If health issues are not enough, little people also face disrespectful behavior from the majority of people. Many dwarf people prefer the terms ‘little people’ or ‘short stature’ rather than dwarf or midget. Midget word finds its origin in the early 1800s, mainly used for short stature entertainers in circus and theater. However, it is now considered a derogatory word, and little people often take offense to it.  

Dating a Short Stature Person 

In the ideal dating world, little people have two options either date little people just like them or date an average height person. However, both come with their own set of problems. Dating an average-sized person comes with lots of glaring looks, prejudices and judgmental views-not from their partners but from the partner’s family and friends.

Dating inside the community, though, sounds easy and comes with shared experience and knowledge. However, it has its own set of challenges.

The most common form of dwarfism is achondroplasia. According to Medline Plus, only 1 in 15000 to 1 in 40000 people has achondroplasia. With the rare condition, the chances of finding your soulmate are very slim. Thanks to organizations like Little People America and little people dating sites specially designed for midget dating, the possibility of meeting your soulmate increases.  

Sex as a dwarf

Most forms of dwarfism result in malformed, degenerated, or inflexible hips and spinal stenosis, combined with short hands and legs. The condition sometimes can be a big hurdle in leading a healthy and pleasurable sexual life. Sadly, there is a lack of any substantial research or study on little people’s sex life.

Dr. Marylou Naccarato is a specialist sexologist who studied the issues faced by short-stature people while having sex. Being a little people herself, she has first-hand experience of the troubles that come with dwarfism. Dr. Naccarato also authored a manual to educate people with dwarfism to have healthy and fulfilling sex lives. The doctor later created the umbrella organization Little People of America. 

The little people do not often get dates IRL, especially at a younger age. When most average-sized people start exploring their sexuality in their late teens and early twenties, short stature often has delayed sexual development. The lack of opportunity and delayed sexual development also restrict them from forming an intimate romantic relationship with anyone till a later age.

Being a dwarf in the LGBTQ community

LGBTQ and little people are both marginalized communities. One would hope they have a sense of mutual respect and understanding. Sadly, that’s not the case. Little people often face discrimination from all sides. Moreover, cisgender little people can be as homophobic as an average height person. 

Being a short-statured queer person further decimates your already small dating pool. Not many are lucky to find their soulmates through normal channels. LBGTQ+ dating sites can help in such situation in finding soulmates.

Lack of trust

The world of little people has always harbored a strong mistrust for taller people, and they have strong reasons. Dwarves are treated as inferior by society, which confines them to circus side performances and comedy. Dating average-sized persons are also frowned upon by many little people, who mostly fear they are approached only to satisfy fetishes. 

Is it impossible to find a soulmate when you are a midget?

No! Not at all. Chloe Lusted, an average-sized young woman, found love in James Lusted (actor and RJ). Even though there were several issues from friends and family, they overcame them and now leading a happy married life with their sweet little baby girl. Just like James, many little people have found the love of their lives. What matters here is that you should not wait for the miracles to happen. You go ahead and take steps for love to come into your life. 

Online dating sites are proving to be a great platform for finding dates. Long-distance can be a problem for people from the small town. However, the couple can always find a way if the love is strong. It also helps you connect to a large community that faces similar issues in everyday life.


The life of little people is already quite challenging. Dating and finding a potential love interest can be difficult too. However, it is not impossible. With the right tools and the right attitude, you can surely find Mr. Perfect or Miss. Perfect. Soulmates can cross paths in various ways and in the most incredible settings, which can be beyond your imagination. Therefore, finding your soul mate online is possible, but it is not the only way. Keep your mind and heart open for love, and it will surely find a way.

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